Posted by: nhfalcon | March 1, 2010

Just Another Random Monday v.3.1.10

* – hey, it’s March 1st! That means it’s spring, right?

Doesn’t it?


Pretty please?

With sugar and sprinkles and cherries and stuff on top?

(damn… đŸ˜¦ )

* – June freaking 1st, baby!

* – how about some more pics of the new Harry Potter theme park?

* – this is gonna be the guy who plays Captain America in the movie?

* – uh, I’m pretty sure this was a bad idea.

* – this was an even worse one!

* – I’ve been finding a lot of dino stuff lately, haven’t I?

* – hey, yeah, why does gas cost so much?

* – the following was seen on somebody’s Twitter account prior to the mens’ hockey Olympics gold medal game: “So it’s USA-Canada in the gold medal men’s hockey game. If W was still president we could hang out the Mission Accomplished sign.”

Well, W. isn’t prez any more, but “The One” is, so I guess now he can go around apologize to all the countries we beat on our way to the silver medal, huh?

* – notable quotes from the health care “summit.”

* – here’s a pretty funny and interesting rap video about economic theory (yes, you read that correctly):

* – now I understand why Chris Christie won the Governor’s seat in New Jersey:

* – hey, help me out here, because I’m missing something, apparently. Wasn’t the Patriot Act the epitome of the evil stupidity of George W. Bush?

Then why did Obama and the Senate just extend it for another year?



  1. Oh, but if I could answer that last question…

  2. I can.

    It’s only bad when the other team does it.

    And no president is ever going to give up unConstitutional power granted to him by any previous president. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  3. We should hear more speeches like Christie’s from all politicians. The truth is that we can’t afford what we’ve been doing and trying to do so is just going to make things worse.

    Thanks for posting those.

  4. Your welcome, SW.

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