Posted by: nhfalcon | February 23, 2010

A Slightly Delayed J.A.R.M.

* – oooooh! A new trailer for Toy Story 3!

*- not only did Steven Seagal get his own A&E show, it got renewed!

* – what if men wrote mags like Cosmo?

* – still on a bit of a dino kick. Did you know there was at least one carnivorous dinosaur bigger than T-Rex?

* – inspired by a recent post from Mrs. Chili, here’s what you should do if you get pulled over by a cop.

* – here come the green cars.

* – RIP, General Haig.

* – perhaps the best part of Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech: “Quit telling my kid he should get a trophy just for showing up! What is this, the Nobel Peace Prize?” šŸ™‚

* – hey, yeah, Mr. Olbermann – who are you calling racist?

* – fuck Bill Maher.

* – fuck Courtney Cook and Salon magazine.

* – really? The Prez needs his own “tweeter?” REALLY? Oy…

* – yeah, I’m with the 52% on this one…

* – and apparently so is a growing population of our youth.

* – is it any surprise? I mean, after all, given his track record (NJ, Virginia, Massachusetts…)

* – now, I wasn’t the biggest G. W. fan in the world, but, given “The One’s” performance thus far, this is just awesome:



  1. But I don’t wanna f*** Bill Maher. My standards are much higher than that.

  2. Keith O is such a phony, but that video is priceless! I can actually watch him without getting too ill in that clip.

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