Posted by: nhfalcon | January 4, 2010

The First J.A.R.M. of 2010

* – I forgot to mention another Xmas gift I got that I just absolutely LOVE – a new bathrobe. It’s fuzzy and fleece and soft and oh so warm! I’m wrapped up in it as I write this, with a steaming cup of coffee within easy reach, and yes, I am laughing at all the poor slobs who have to be out in the cold today.

Does that make me a bad person?

* – The Unit ROCKS!!! I can’t believe I didn’t watch this show when it came out. Yeah, sure, the tactical military stuff and the guns going off and the stuff blowing up entertains me on a base level, but I personally think the stories, acting, and character development are pretty damn good, too. I can’t believe CBS cancelled this show. I’m only halfway through the first season and just can’t wait to see it all.

Oh, and Dennis Haysbert‘s character, Jonas Blane, kicks ass!

* – yes, they really are going to remake Clash of the Titans.

* – not only that, apparently there’s another Flash Gordon flick on the way.

* – ten things men forget to do during sex.

* – before you get on your high horses, ladies, here’s ten things you forget to do.

* – maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t gotten a teaching job… 😉

* – unfortunately, it was probably only a matter of time before somebody from Mythbusters passed on.

* – ah, that’s Sir Jean-Luc Picard to you, Number One.

* – in case I haven’t made this point before, I am anything but a religious man. When you get right down to it, I’m just this side of being an atheist.

However, read this and then ask yourself if there isn’t some kind of higher power out there somewhere.

* – gotta love…

Somebody call Al Gore! 🙂

And now on to the political portion of our show…

* – I bet a lot of liberals felt like this after New Year’s Eve:

* – as long as I’m tweaking the Libs, I’m now reading “Going Rogue” by Sarah Palin.

* – I guess you’d better choose paper in D.C.

* – the 10 most ridiculous uses of YOUR TAX DOLLARS in the “stimulus” plan.

* – even the French hate Obama!:

France’s Sarkozy Now ‘Anti-Obama’

Soon after Barack Obama won the White House, French President Nicolas Sarkozy referred to him as “my friend” and strove to become the first European leader to meet with the newly elected American.

Now the honeymoon between the two leaders is over, according to The Financial Times.

Sarkozy has now shifted to “an anti-Obama position,” said Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, a spokesman for the opposition Socialists.

France turned down an American request to send more troops to Afghanistan, and Sarkozy has expressed frustration at what he perceives as Obama’s equivocation over Iran’s nuclear program and at the priority Obama has placed on the long-term goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons, the Times reports.

In a sharply worded speech

to the United Nations General Assembly in September, Sarkozy alluded to Obama’s disarmament goals.

“We are right to talk about the future, but before the future there is the present, and the present is two major nuclear crises,” he said, referring to Iran and North Korea. “We are living in a real world, not a virtual world.”

Jack Kelly wrote on the Real Clear Politics Web site that Sarkozy “was furious with Barack Obama for his adolescent warbling about a world without nuclear weapons” at a meeting Obama chaired of the United Nations Security Council.

Sarkozy is reportedly still miffed over Obama’s refusal to attend an event with the French leader during his June visit to France to commemorate the D-Day landings, and has made disparaging comments about Obama’s decision-making and lack of prior government experience.

“French frustration is aimed at Washington’s hesitancy or even weakness,” according to the Times.

But Sarkozy could be stressing his differences with the U.S. for domestic purposes, one senior French official disclosed, adding, “On the fundamentals we are much closer to President Obama than we were to President Bush.”

I thought Obama was going to make everybody love us?



  1. I don’t know about the Clash of the Titans remake, but it really can’t be any worse than the original. So there’s that.

    Happy New Year.

  2. I saw that they were making a new Clash of the Titans. I didn’t even bother to watch the preview on the apple trailer site (I DID, however, watch the preview for the new Ironman film; I can’t wait!)

  3. There has to be a higher power out there. If human beings truly are the end of the intellect chain, then I’m off to sit in the garage with the car engine running.

    Oh, and maybe MOST women forget things on that list, but…. 😉

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