Posted by: nhfalcon | December 14, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.12.14.09

* – I think I pretty much agree with this list of the Top 10 Christmas Songs of All Time.

Somehow, though, Springsteen’s “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over),” and the Crosby/Bowie duet of “Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth” has to be fit in there.

* – if you’re a Facebook user, beware of FarmVille!

* – here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Harry Potter film.

* – Star Trek: The Sexed Generation

* – I swear to you, folks, I don’t go looking for these…

* – hey, Senator Reid, learn your history before you start comparing the people who are arguing against your health care reform to those who argued against ending slavery.

Yes, he really did do that:

* – sure, all those e-mails showed that global warming scientists “stonewalled skeptics and discussed hiding data,” but they don’t show that global warming is a sham.


* – sure, let’s write another 1,000+ page bill that spends over a trillion dollars. What the hell, right. I mean, we gotta “spend our way out of this recession,” don’t we?




  1. I heard someone ask, “isn’t spending your way out of a recession like drinking your way out of alcoholism?”

    Oh, and your Falcons scared the hell out of me yesterday…

    • “Oh, and your Falcons scared the hell out of me yesterday…”

      Horseshoes and hand grenades, Seester…

  2. My new year’s resolution is to eat more food so that I lose weight.

  3. LOVED the Star Trek thing! The scene with Keiko and Miles O’Brien had me laughing out loud – as did the random chicken.

    You’re hysterical.

  4. Lose the Trans-Siberian Whateveritis, and add another Dean Martin classic: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” OR the original “Santa Baby.”

    • For perhaps the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen, Kelly and I are going to disagree.


      I like TSO. I’ve never cared for any version of “Santa Baby.” I like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” but not enough to put it in the Top 10.

      Don’t hold that against me, K, ok?

  5. We are going to see TSO, again, this year. The kids loved it when we went last year, so we decided to do a repeat. I’m with you, can’t stand “Santa Baby…”

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