Posted by: nhfalcon | November 30, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.11.30.09

* – Falcons 20 – Buccaneers 17. Hey, a win is a win. As Woody Harrelson said in White Men Can’t Jump, “I’d rather look ugly and win than look pretty and lose.” That being said, beating the Buccanneers by only three points is pretty embarassing. Hell, Atlanta had to come from behind with less than 25 seconds on the clock to pull out the victory. On top of that, Michael Turner re-injured his ankle and Matt Ryan missed most of the game with an injured toe.

I’m not looking forward to seeing Philadelphia next week and the rematch with Seester’s Saints the week after that.

* – all I can say is, “Grrrr…”:

* – first it was Joe “I’m really Dan Quayle in disguise” Biden. Now our esteemed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is making dumbass remarks:

* –

Hey, Rangel, I got a newsflash for you, you fat, arrogant prick: what you do IS my goddamn business! You’re a PUBLIC fucking servant! Everything you do is every American’s business! You wouldn’t have your job if it wasn’t for us! We don’t work for you, you work for us, so when somebody asks you to explain yourself, “Why don’t you mind your goddamn business?” is NOT an acceptable answer!

* – oh, this is certain to improve troop morale…

* – relax, everybody. While she hasn’t ruled this out yet, he has.

(granted, I’d vote for that ticket LONG before I’d vote for Obama/Biden…)

* – you know, given that, being the first black president and all, Obama is probably a bigger assassination target than any of his predeccesors, you’d think stuff like this couldn’t happen.

* – are you all aware of ClimateGate yet? If not, you should be.

* – I passed this test with 8 out of 10 (I missed #s 6 and 8).

* – another blog that I peruse posed the question as to just why do people who do not live in NYC care if the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & Co. takes place there? After all, according to this blogger, a majority of New York City residents either  approve of the trial or are at least unopposed to it.

I would argue that it’s not just about the fact that it’s taking place in NYC, it the fact that the trial is taking place anywhere in America. How about the fact that the trial is taking place at all? You can argue all you want about due process. You can bring up constitutional rights all you want. Here’s the bottom line: 1) this quintet of terrorists are not common civilian criminals. 2) They are not prisoners of war. 3) They are illegal combatants. As such, American civilian law does not apply to them, nor does American military law, nor does the Geneva convention. 4) They are not Americans. As such, our Constitution does not apply to them. That document was written to apply towards legal citizens of the United States of America – NO ONE ELSE! 5) These five individuals are self-confessed terrorists, self-professed “soldiers of God,” have admitted to orchestrating 9/11, and have repeatedly asked for the death penalty – GIVE IT TO THEM! 6) “But Obama and Holder have guaranteed that they’ll be found guilty and sentenced to death, so what are you worried about?” Then why have the bloody fucking trial in the first place? It’s obviously a sham, then, isn’t it? If the outcome is preordained, then it’s not really a fair trial, is it? And that’s really the only reason the Libs want to have the trial in the first place – to show the world how “fair” and “just” they are, isn’t it?

They really do believe you and I and the whole rest of the world are that stupid, don’t they?

  Oh, and call me crazy, but I’m willing to bet there are some people who are intimately familiar with the results of 9/11 who are vehemently opposed to this trial…



  1. British teachers falling in lockstep with the NEA over here, I see. I dunno. I tell my kid she failed and what the consequences are on a regular basis. So far it hasn’t hurt her….

  2. Education (and our performance v. the rest of the developed world) has been declining for 40 years, yet we are unwilling to try to do things differently than what the NEA wants. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Maybe if teachers can’t say fail to students, we won’t be able to say fail to them.

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