Posted by: nhfalcon | November 16, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.11.16.09

* – yeah, sure, this is a good way to deal with Iran:


* – a great little political video cartoon, stolen from Drive-by Thinking:

(I think I’m falling just a little bit in love with Kemtee over at DbT – in a purely platonic way, of course! 😉 )

* – speaking of Kemtee, I stole the link to this fabulous piece from her, too (and the love grows a little deeper… 🙂 )

* – here’s a cute little mashup of Peanuts and The Police, stolen from Kwizgiver:

* – ah, ’tis the season to begin getting catalogs for Christmas in the mailbox. The ones from Wireless and What On Earth are often the best. Check out some of this stuff:

* – Viagra for women? Bring it on, baby! 🙂

and now for our weekly dose of politics…

* – another reminder of how the general Welfare clause in our Constitution works:

* – oh, gee, darn, Obama’s Mao-loving communications director is stepping down. Imagine my disappointment.


* – you know, there’s just so much about the slaughter at Ft. Hood that makes my blood boil that I’ve made a conscious effort to not blog about it.


(I have to say that at least once in every JARM post, you know 🙂 )

the utterly asinine comments about the “true” cause of that shooting made by the likes of Chicago Mayor Daley and New York Senator Charles Schumer, though, take my rage to a whole ‘nother level.

* – glad to see The One is perfectly fine with me getting fined or going to jail if I don’t buy his health insurance plan.

* – still think Big Brother isn’t out there?

* – could be worse, I suppose. We could be Britain.

* – or, you know, well… Britain.

* – ooooh! Or how about the Netherlands?

* – ok, I now know that unless you’ve registered with (which is free, btw. Or, at least one level of it is), you cannot see these videos from them that I’ve been linking to. That being said, I’m going to continue to link to the ones I find particularly excellent.

Like this one for example, featuring their “Trifecta” group of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green, musing about just why a bigger deal wasn’t made about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I mean, come on, you Libs – a whole country was liberated from an oppressive regime! Isn’t that the kind of thing you guys love? The little guy throwing off the shackles put on him by the big, bad Man?

Oh, wait, the Man in that case was a left-winger (you know, the Soviet Union and its puppet states like East Germany), wasn’t he? And he was defeated by a Republican American President (you know, Ronald Reagan), wasn’t he?

Never mind…

* – the number of jobs saved or created by the stimulus package was wildly inaccurate?! No WAY!!!

* – obviously this idiot has never listened to even one Lou Dobbs show in it’s entirety:


* – so, now, ask yourself, honestly, if this incident had been a case of a white male professor punching a black female colleague, don’t you think there would have been another beer summit by now? Don’t you think the story never would have left the headlines?

So why is it, then, that nearly a week later I haven’t heard anything else about this?

Oh, that’s right, because it was a black man punching a white woman. That’s ok, then. Silly me. I forgot.

Think I’m the only one who thinks that way? Think I only think that way because I’m white?



* – hey, Al Gore, been to Australia lately? How’s that global warming working for ya down there?

* – wanna really do something about “climate change,” Al? Ask Obama about the carbon footprint he’s leaving with his 71-fucking-car motorcades!

* – so The One might order a domestic agency spending freeze, huh? Or perhaps even order those agencies to cut their budgets back 5%? Ooooh! Color me less than impressed.

Sure, every little bit helps. But this is a show piece. This is fluff. When your budget exceeds $3 trillion, this is nothing more than your version of “Let them eat cake” – a little scrap meant to keep the rabble at bay, not seriously address the issue. This won’t do much more than that $100 million you ordered cut out of the budget a while back.

* – hey, look, I dislike Nancy Pelosi as much as anybody (and more than most), but this is going a little too far.

* – speaking of Pelosi, let’s do a little American Government 101 review here, shall we?


Because I feel like scaring the ever-loving shit out of you, that’s why.

We’re all aware that if, God forbid, something should happen to Obama,  Joe Biden would become President, right? Scary enough, I know. But wait – it gets better. If something should happen to Biden, Nancy-fucking-Pelosi would be our President! What if something should happen to her? Former KKK member Robert Byrd would step in (what? A Democrat was a member of the Klan?! No WAY! But no Republican congressman has ever been in the KKK. Weird…). After Byrd? Hilary. After Hilary? Timothy “Tax Cheat” Geithner.

Should I keep going? Or have you soiled every undergarment you own already? 



  1. Peanuts covering the Police was a screaming RIOT. God, but I love when Kwizgiver posts videos…

  2. Thanks, Falcon. Laundry day isn’t until Friday. Sheesh.

    And hey, white women like beer too. I call sexism.


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