Posted by: nhfalcon | November 5, 2009

Just Another Random Monday – Thursday Edition

* – it fucking snowed today. Kill me.

* – and by Monday they say it’ll be near 60. WTF?

* – why, yes, I’d love some hot Mormon muffins, thank you very much! 🙂

* – umm, whoops!

* – yet another reason why I’m glad I don’t have to buy bras (and if I ever do need to buy them, please shoot me).

* – unfortunately, 10 years from now this product likely won’t do me any good!

* – idiot.

Did you catch this part from that story?: “I didn’t mean to do it.” Didn’t mean to do it?! So, what – it was an accident? You tripped and fell and accidentally stuck your dick in a horse? Reminds me of this scene from The Last Boy Scout:

* – heaven forbid you wear a button about God and country at work.

* – it’s a little early to get me started on another Christmas rant, isn’t it?

* – Hollywood takes another not-so-subtle shot at Obama.

* – you know, I had always wondered how Obama was going to define a “saved job.”

Well, now we know.

* – CBS gives us more examples of the White House fudging the numbers to make us believe the stimulus is working.

* – even more examples of fudging.

* – hell, even Dan Quayle – excuse me, I’m sorry, I meant Joe Biden – admits the numbers aren’t accurate.

* – don’t worry, though, because, according to Sting, Obama is “sent from God.”

* – I’m sure this story will get all the Lefties fired up about right-wing terrorists.

* – so does that mean this story can get all the Righties fired up over left-wing terrorists?

* – so, let me get this straight – we’re going to pay Taliban members not to fight against anymore?!


* – amazing what a car company can do when it’s not run by the government, isn’t it?

* – so, PelosiCare is a bill that is almost 2,000 pages long

* – it’s gonna cost us just over a trillion dollars…

* – it’s not really all that attractive to people…

* – it’s going to regulate fast food restaurants and vending machines

* – rather than institute tort reform, it’s going to punish states who try to institute it on their own…

* – and it’s going to… oh, hell, there’s too much shit here – just read the transcript.

* – any wonder why, for the first time in his presidency, most Americans think Obama’s got us going down the wrong track?



  1. Dude. It’s November. It snows up there in November. One might think you’d be used to that by now.

    If I knew that’d be the kind of math skills needed by the federal government, I’d have changed my career path ages ago….

  2. Ooh. Bumper sticker idea: “I’m too smart for government math.”

  3. “I didn’t mean to do it” reminds me of a West Wing scene. A speech writer goes home one night with a woman. He didn’t find out until the following morning that she’s an elite call girl. He immediately goes to his best-friend coworker and says “I accidentally slept with a prostitute last night” to which the coworker, an acerbic sort of fellow, replies, “what, did you TRIP?!”

  4. With this push for insurance companies to cover everyone for everything, you can bet that there is going to be a lot more legislation like your Big Mac and vending machines example.

    For maybe the first time ever, one of the big players is going to be concerned about actual health because it’s going to come from their bottom line.

    They’ll go about it by taking away freedom of course so stock up on Twinkies now before the sugar sin-tax goes in (I hate Twinkies btw, I don’t even think they can actuall be called food but you get the idea).

  5. I loved The Last Boy Scout.

    • “The Last Boy Scout” had one of the best lines/scenes in movie hstory, imho: Bruce Willis, looking at himself, disheveled and hungover, in the rearview mirror of the car he just spent the night sleeping in and saying, “Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. You’re gonna lose. Now smile, you fuck.” 🙂

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