Posted by: nhfalcon | October 27, 2009

Just Another Random Monday – Tuesday Edition

* – whoopsie!:



* – why the dinosaurs really died:10628_1242632074290_1483992263_2565742_1374446_n













* – are you a real scientist?:



* – oh, I can only imagine how this interview is going to go…

* – farewell, Soupy Sales (remember him?)

* – idiot

* – another idiot

*  – more idiots

* – big, fat idiot (do you Libs really vote for people like this? OY!)

* – and before you ask, yes, I am currently reading Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots – and enjoying every word of it! 🙂

* – speaking of Arguing With Idiots, Beck spends an entire chapter blowing the Left’s take on healthcare out of the water.

Here the Associated Press’ Calvin Woodward also does some fact-checking and hammer’s one of their biggest misconceptions – the evil, greedy, money-grubbing insurance industry.

* – speaking of healthcare, this thought occurred to me the other day about how to fix things:

1) get rid of the “pre-existing condition” clause

2) institute real, serious tort reform

3) remove the barriers that prevent the 1,400-odd health insurance companies that exist in this country from selling their product in any state they want to.

4) to cover the people who truly cannot afford health insurance, offer free insurance to those who can meet the following  criteria:

     a) prove you are a legal resident of the United States of America

     b) prove you have no health insurance

     c) prove you have no health insurance because

          I) you are unemployed

          II) you are not covered by anyone else’s insurance

          III) you work part-time or otherwise are not offered insurance through your work

          IV) even with a full-time job and employer-offered insurance you still cannot afford health insurance

Any thoughts or questions?

* – yes, indeed, the excuses are wearing thin.

* – yes, indeed, it is his rubble now.

* – state by state, the number of jobs “saved or created” by the federal stimulus bill.

* – so, why, exactly, shouldn’t there be a question on the 2010 census that asks whether or not you are a U. S. citizen?

* – “I think it’s beneath the White House to get into a tit for tat with news organizations.” – Democrat Representative Jason Altmire from PA.

I saw a “cute” little YouTube video over on another blog that claimed that the White House did not start this war with FoxNews. FoxNews started it. They started it because they’ve done nothing but attack Obama from Day One.

To which I would say, “What’s your point?”

You think Bush wasn’t attacked by the liberal media from Day One? Remember “He stole Florida!” back in 2000 (don’t get me started on THAT one!)? With the exception of a brief respite immediately after 9/11, Bush was constantly getting hammered by the press. Did he bitch? Did he complain? Did he ever try to ban even one of those agencies from the Press Pool?

No, he did not. He put on his big-boy pants and took it like a man. As did Bill Clinton. As did George H. W. Bush. As did virtually every other president before Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is dealing with no more of a shit-storm than any other president before him. Unlike his predeccesors, however, Obama apparently has a unique combination of to large an ego and to thin a skin to be able to handle it like a grown-up and would rather say, “Well, if you’re not gonna play my game my way then you just can’t play at all!”

There’s leadership for you.

Oh, and I got a good laugh out of the way the video ended, too:

“Fox is not news. It is a 24/7 political operation.”

And MSNBC would be… ?

* – and in local news, I voted early in ME’s 11/3/09 referendum because I’ll be in MA for job training on 11/3/09.

Here’s a link to the referendum questions.

I voted “No” on 1, “Yes” on 2, “No” on 3, “Yes” on 4, “Yes” on 5, “No” on 6, and “No” on 7.

* – and for this week’s PJTV videos…

Andrew Klavan tells us how to have sex

Alonzo Rachel on the Liberal Slave Ship

Bill Whittle on War v. Peace (didn’t I say some the stuff he’s saying here?)



  1. Peggy Noonan rawks. WOOT!

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