Posted by: nhfalcon | October 19, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.10.19.09

* – I have been alive for 40 years, 2 months, and 28 days. In all that time I have only seen a live bald eagle in a zoo.

Until today.

On the way home from dropping off Little Man at his daycare this morning, I saw one in flight over the local river.

Call me a geek, but I thought that was pretty damn cool.

* – speaking of my geekiness, I have to admit, now that I’ve worked for a cell phone company for over two months, that I’m pretty eager to check out the new HTC Imagio smartphone and the upcoming Droid smartphone.

* – Falcons 21 – Bears 14. Not because of Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, or Tony Gonzalez, but because of a tenacious, underrated defense.

Life is good.

* – anybody seen the new Where the Wild Things Are movie? Can an almost-five-year-old handle it?

* – oh, I can see where this is gonna go…

* – I am so glad I don’t live in California.

* – so CNN decided to fact-check that SNL skit that ripped Obama.

And Jon Stewart excoriated them for it!

* – holy crap! A 21st-century American school that actually praises success – and look at the results!

* – “What I did was like a Bob Dylan song…” – Florida Democrat Representative Alan Grayson, speaking of his “The Republicans want you to die quickly…” crack.

Nope, no arrogance here, folks.

* – speaking of arrogance, I’ve gotta get something off my chest here. I was recently involved in a fairly heated debate over on another blog. It started off about another topic entirely, but eventually meandered into a discussion about pride in one’s country and pride in general. Here are a pair of comments directed at me: “Why did I ever think you had a thought in your head?” and “I do know that for many years, centuries, “pride” has been considered one of the seven deadly sins.”

1) my guess is that you once thought I had a thought in my head because, given the blog you “met” me on, you assumed that I thought the same way you did. Once it was revealed that I did not, however, it wasn’t a matter of us simply having different opinions, it was a matter of you obviously being a genius while I was an ignoramus. THAT is pride, on your part, sir.

No, wait, that isn’t pride – that is arrogance and conceit.

2) speaking of arrogance and conceit – THOSE are sins. Not pride. There’s a difference. There’s something wrong with being proud of the things your country has done right in the past? There’s something wrong with being proud of your favorite sports team when it wins a championship? There’s something wrong with being proud of your child when he or she does well in school or in some sort of competition? There’s something wrong with being proud of yourself when you’ve truly earned a raise at work? 

No, I would say, there is not.

There is something wrong with believing that you’re better than everybody who doesn’t think the same way you do.

3) I find it interesting that somebody who has been on record as being dismissive of organized religion would refer to the Seven Deadly Sins. If a conservative uses religion to back up his or her point, he or she is labeled as a frothing, Bible-thumping, radical member of the “Religious Right.” But a liberal can use religion in an argument because they are somehow more enlightened about it all.

The arrogance and hypocrisy makes me want to puke. I am reminded of part of that Thomas Sowell quote I referenced last week: “All problems seem to (the political Left) to be due to other people not being as wise or as noble as they are.” 

* – what’s health care reform going to cost? $1 trillion? $1.6 trillion? $829 billion?

According to Harry Reid, one of the primary proponents of health care reform, maybe it’ll be as much as $2 trillion!

* – your federal stimulus pacakge dollars at work.

* – hey, I know, let’s take over two-and-a-half billion dollars that was supposed to go towards arming our soldiers at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and instead give it to (among other things) an educational institute named after Ted Kennedy!

* – oh, and now that ACORN is old news, let’s start refunding them, ok?

* – still think the government doesn’t exert at least some control over the media?

* – in local political news, the State of Maine’s referendum vote will be talking place on November 3rd. Of the various items on the list, the decision over whether or not to continue the current law of allowing gays to marry in this state has garnered the most attention (I will be voting to continue the law, btw).

However, another proposal has been gettin a lot of airplay on the radio lately. It’s called TABOR (short for the TAxpayer Bill Of Rights), and it basically says the state cannot raise taxes at a rate greater than that of inflation and population growth. Sounds like a great idea, right? Then why didn’t it pass back in Maine back in 2006? Why didn’t work in Colorado?

Well, according to an ad campaign being run by opponents to TABOR, Colorado voters suspended it because it caused the state to be short of money. Because of TABOR, the campaign claims, seniors didn’t have enough money for medication and the state couldn’t adequately take care of the roads and state employees had to be laid off, and schools couldn’t afford to turn on the heat in the wintertime and blah, blah, blah, blah blah…

All of which just makes me think “Bullshit!”

Now, I’ll admit I haven’t exactly done exhaustive research on the subject, but I’m willing to bet that Colorado didn’t have enough money to take care of all those things not because it didn’t have enough money, but rather because it misspent the money that it had.

It’s called prioritizing, folks. It’s called fiscal responsibility. It’s called sensible budgeting. If you’re strapped for funds but really, REALLY want that Xbox 360, you don’t just say “fuck it” and buy the Xbox 360 and then beg for money to put food on the table. You suck it up, do without the luxuries, and make sure the necessities are paid for.

Government ought to try it some time. 

and now for this week’s Pajamas TV videos:

* – Dr. Peter Weiss on the Baucus Bill

* – Bill Whittle on what to do with Congress.

* – Steven Crowder on school choice.

* – AlfonZo Rachel on just where is Obama getting his money?

* – Republicans talking about gay marriage? Gay Republicans?! HUH?!



  1. I thought you did a great job on that other blog.

    It is a dark day when refusing to marinate in guilt and shame is treated as defiance. It is a darker day still when pride in one’s country is radicalized.

    As you know, I decided some time ago my opinion of your “debating” opponent. I see nothing in his latest emesis to counter that assessment.

    Finally, in my experience, there is a large difference between that blog owner’s stated commitment to respect for differing ideologies and her performance on the ground in such. Given the difference between the respective discourses of you and your opponent’s, you deserved to be defended. Instead you were “can’t we all just get along”ed, and I found the implied parity insulting.

    (Incidentally, while this continues to disappoint me, it no longer surprises me.)

  2. I read the blog to see the comments and responses and had to chime in my 2 cents. I believe that in this situation you are correct and posted my support.

  3. Thanx, Bo.

    Thanx, Tonks.

  4. what can I say but…pretty damn cool
    hope you are well 🙂


  5. Discovered you blog long time ago via Bo’s blog. Don’t get to read it regularly, but I do stop in from time to time. I must say, this was a spectacular posting. Thanks!!!

  6. Thanx, Rene.

    Thanx, Terri.

    Btw, folks, can you actually see the PJTV vids that I post? I know I can see them, but I’m registered with PJTV. If you’re not, can you still watch the vids when I post these links?

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