Posted by: nhfalcon | October 12, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.10.12.09

This one’s pretty much all political, folks. Sorry.

* – to start, though, here’s another usesless app for the iPhone.

* – I know a lot of people have an issue with Michael Vick getting reinstated to the NFL, and I can understand and appreciate their reasons why. Me? I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t, however, see why he should get his own reality tv show.

* – you may have noticed that I didn’t mention my Falcons for the last two weeks. Well, last week they were on a bye, so there was nothing to talk about. The week before they were humbled by the New England Patriots 26 – 10, so I didn’t want to talk about it. This past Sunday, however, they stomped – STOMPED, mind you – the San Francisco 49ers 45 – 10.

Life is good. ūüôā

* – the other week I mentioned how I think I’m turning into my father. The other day another reason to think that popped into my head.

I used to listen to music on the radio. Not anymore. Now I listen to talk radio. Either sports talk (thank you, WEEI) or political talk (yes, those guys – Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, sometimes Jerry Doyle, Mike Gallagher, or Rusty Humphries).

I am old.

* – so the other night I finally got around to watching When Harry Met Sally pretty much all the way through with Cookiemaker. Good movie. And, per our agreement (which she claims was never made), she now has to sit down and watch Jaws with me at some point.

The interesting conversation that ensued when the movie was over, however, came from when I made the comment that WHMS was a good example of back when Meg Ryan looked hot, which I then immediately amended and said, “No, not hot – cute.”

“Well,” Cookiemaker said, “what’s the difference?”

I found it difficult to explain with words. I had to use examples, instead.
















is cute.






















is hot.

The best way I could explain it with words was that cute was somebody you find physically attractive enough to want to sleep with, but would then actually want to stick around and cuddle with afterwards, whereas hot was physically attractive enough to want to sleep with, but then leave and never call again.

Does that make sense?

(now on to the politics…)

* – this may be the funniest thing Saturday Night Live has done since the heydays of Belushi, Murray, Akroyd, Martin, and Radner:

What I also find telling about this skit is that finally some element of the mainstram media is taking shots at Obama. For far too long the only criticism, the only tough questions, were coming from Fox News, the Drudge Report, right-wing websites and blogs, or conservative talk radio. Sure, SNL is no longer even close to being the cultural icon it once was, and therefore is no longer as relevant, but it’s still an element of NBC, and the fact that an element of NBC took such blatant shots at Obama may very well mean that the honeymoon is finally over.

*¬† – here’s another example of the tables turning (kinda). So the other day Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Many people, including some of his supporters, aren’t really sure why. After all, given the cutoff date for being considered for this year’s Nobel¬†means Obama was awarded the prize for essentially eleven days of work, which¬†means he was given the award for doing virtually nothing (hell, imho, even after nine months he’s done virtually nothing, but I digress…).

Even Michael Moore – yes, that Michael Moore – posted an¬†article on his website titled, “Congratulations President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize – Now Please Earn It!”

Moore is specifically addressing Obama’s policy on Afghanistan, but when this Fat Bastion of liberalism is saying Obama hasn’t done anything to deserve this award, that speaks volumes of The One’s accomplishments (or lack thereof).

Now back to my digression. Exactly what has Obama done to deserve this award? Simply because he’s not Bush? Well, hell, by that definition I should’ve gotten the award! Because he means well and has good intentions? What was that road to hell paved with…? I mean, look, if he’s gonna get a Nobel Peace Prize for being President of the United States for eleven days, then he should also get the Cy Young award for throwing out the first pitch of the All-Star Game. While we’re at it, let’s give him a Congressional Medal of Honor for being the Commander-in-Chief while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going on, even though he’s never set foot in either country.¬†

I’m just sayin’…

* – still think Obama isn’t arrogant or narcissistic. Check this out.

Did you catch those numbers? The Obamas didn’t go to Copenhagen to talk about America or the Olympics or Chicago. They went there to talk about themselves!¬†

* – hey, here’s an idea, let’s let a couple of black people talk about racism in America today:

Sonia Schmidt & Alonzo Rachel.

But I’m sure they’re just a couple of Uncle Tom’s, a couple of shameless ho’s bought off by The Man, intimidated by Big Bad Whitey.

* – let me give you another example of how silly the playing of the race card has gotten around here lately. I was listening to Rusty Humphries a couple of weeks ago, and he had a male caller on railing against Jimmy Carter calling Joe Wilson a racist. The caller claimed to be black. Humphries took another caller at the same time, a woman (who also claimed to be black), who accused the male caller of lying, claiming he wasn’t black, and that she knew he wasn’t black. How did she know?

Because he didn’t sound black.

Excuse me? He didn’t sound black? How racist do you want to get?!

Exactly how are black men supposed to sound? Does this mean that, in this woman’s opinion,¬†Jerry Rice, Mike Tyson, and Troy Polamalu aren’t black?

(all right, so Polamalu is actually Samoan, but you get my point)

I think this woman has seen this scene from the first Beverly Hills Cop too many times:

* – do you believe, after all that has been revealed about ACORN, that there are still people out there defending them?!

* – what stuff by ACORN? This stuff by ACORN.

* – hey, yeah – what did happen to global warming?

* – remember the old “Real Men of Genius” ads by Budweiser? Well, how about “Real Members of Congress”?

Here’s to you, Mr. Faithful¬†Like A Trial Lawyer.

And you, Mr. Tax Law Writing Tax Evader.

* – speaking of Mr Tax Law Writing Tax Evader, it’s about damn time they looked more deeply into his shit.

* – speaking of taxes, don’t you dare think that Value Added Tax they keep talking about is off the boards yet.

* – how about another video of schoolchildren singing Obama’s praises? What the hell, right?

Is anybody else getting scared by this stuff yet?

* – remind me to not send Little Man to Berkeley when he graduates from high school.

* – a response to an internet PSA out there by Will Ferrell, done by PJTV.

* – did you ever wonder where liberalism and conservativism originated from?

* – “What is most frightening about the political Left is that they seem to have no sense of the tragedy of the human condition. All problems seem to them to be due to other people not being as wise or as noble as they are.” – Thomas Sowell 10/9/09



  1. The SNL skit was pretty funny.

    I’m one of those supporters who’s frustrated that more hasn’t been done, but you already knew that.

  2. Thanks, Falcon, for restating the cause of unhappiness in this house today. The ‘9ers weren’t “stomped.” They would have actually had to have shown UP to be “stomped.” Sheesh.

    Oh, and lurve the Dr. Sowell quote. I may steal that.

  3. Ooooh, sorry, Kelly. Didn’t realize you were a Niners fan.

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