Posted by: nhfalcon | October 5, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.10.5.09

* – gods, but I love winter in New England!

(if you can’t detect the sarcasm there, you’re not paying attention)

* – say goodbye to Saturn (the car company, not the planet. Don’t want to freak people, you know).

* – whatever happened to “It takes a village…”? I remember when it was the neighborly thing to do to look after your neighbors’ kids before they went to school.

* – and now, apparently, there are schools that don’t want your kids walking or biking to school.


Look, I understand that these schools are ostensibly concerned about your childrens’ safety, but this is the parents’ call, not the schools’. And to meet the children at the school with a state trooper for walking or biking to school?! Are you kidding me? I’ve been a teacher, folks (well, an intern, anyway), and in this day and age you should be grateful the kids are showing up at the school, regardless of how they got there!

* – for the record, the following picture did NOT come from my classroom when I was a teaching intern:



* – Jim Carrey as Scrooge and the three Christmas ghosts in a film by Disney? This might be pretty good…

* – ladies and gentlemen, coming soon to Comedy Central – The Jeff Dunham Show!

Fire up the TiVos and the DVRs!

* – I’m sorry, Mr. Moore, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you over the thunderous hypocrisy.

* – it’s bad enough that a fairly large group of Hollywood types are running around saying things like this about the current Roman Polanski situation…

* – but then Whoopi Goldberg has to chime in with this gem.

I used to like Whoppi Goldberg.

Empahasis on “used to.”

Now I am disgusted by her. What a waste of humanity! She should be beyond ashamed of herself. It wasn’t “rape-rape’?! WTF is “rape-rape”?! That is an insult to every woman on the planet, especially those women who have been “rape-raped.” What is your definition of rape, Whoopi? She was a 13-year-old girl. He was thirty years her senior. He plied her with quaaludes and champagne, got her naked, took pictures of her, and forced himself upon her. He RAPED her! I don’t care whether or not she’s come out since then and said she just wishes this would all go away – HE RAPED HER!

Tell you what, Whoopi, just in case you’re still fuzzy on what exactly rape is, how about the next time you’re on “The View” you have your co-hosts tie you down, strip you down, get you high, liquor you up, take pictures of you, and then let every guy in the audience have his way with you, no matter how much you protest? How about that? Maybe then you’d have a clear definition of what rape is.

What a disgrace!

* – a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

* – still think Obamacare won’t cover illegal aliens?

* – isn’t this new healthcare reform supposed to save the average consumer money? Then why is it that a family of four led by a 45-year-old making a total of $63,000 annually would pay over $7,000 after tax credits if they chose to purchase their own insurance under the Baucus plan (you know, that plan that will fine you $1,900 if you don’t have some kind of health insurance)? 

The calculator used to arrive at that figure can be found here.

* – now, if a Republican had done this, the outcry would have been titanic.

Given that it was a Democrat, you probably hadn’t heard about it until now, had you?

And if you think said Democrat is going to apologize for comparing the current health care debate to the Holocaust, you are sadly mistaken.

* – don’t worry, folks, Social Security is fine, absolutely fine. It’ll be there for us when we retire. And for our kids, And our grandkids. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Just move along.

* – you know, both major political parties in this country have scumbags, but Obama’s got be wondering when he’s going to get a break from stories like this.

And this.

* – the sequence of events with the recent Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics was just priceless.

First, The One and Mrs. One have to take two separate planes to Copenhagen to pitch for the hometown. On the taxpayer dime. Can somebody find out how much money that cost us (CNN’s Lou Dobbs estimates about $10 million)? How about how much of a carbon footprint was left by these two private airliners? Oh, and the pitching had to be done while health care is unresolved, cap-and-trade is just over the horizon, Chicago is turning into Beirut (or, even worse, Detroit), Iran is waving nuclear weapons around like David Letterman waves his penis around at his female employees (had to get that in there 🙂 ), and our troops in Afghanistan still don’t know WTF is going on and why they’re there (Dobbs reports that while Barack Obama did in fact meet with General McChrystal while in Copenhagen, the two only spoke for 25 minutes).

Then we have to hear about what kind of a “sacrifice” Mrs. One is making by going to Copenhagen.

I’m not even going to dignify that insult to my intelligence with a remark.

And then the whole thing came crumbling down around them. Not only did Chicago not get the 2016 Olympics, it was the first city eliminated. As Rush Limbaugh so bluntly put it, it was a “bitch-slap upside the head” to the First Couple. After all of the travel, expense, fossil fuel burning, carbon footprint emitting, and “sacrifice,” the Obamas have to run home with their tails between their legs.

Will they learn anything from this? I doubt it. Will it start to occur to them that this job cannot be done with style over substance, that specifics and statisitics and facts work better than sweeping generalities and grand orations and “rock star” charisma? Probably not. Will they begin to assume some humility in their thoughts and deeds? I’m afraid I’m gonna have to vote no on that one, Bob.

But hey, we can “hope” for some “change” now, can’t we?

* – speaking of Letterman and the Chicago bid for the Olympics, I just had to steal this Top Ten list from Bo:

Top Ten Reasons & Excuses for Chicago Losing the Olympics –

10) Dead people can’t vote at the IOC.

9) Obama was distracted by his 25 minute meeting with McChrystal.

8 ) “That I couldn’t talk Chicago into the Olympics doesn’t mean I can’t talk Iran out of nukes.”

7) “The impediment is that Israel is still building settlements.”

6) “Obviously no president would have been able to accomplish this.”

5) “We’ve been quite clear and said all along that we didn’t want the Olympics.”

4) “This isn’t about the number of Olympics “lost,” it’s about the number of Olympics “saved” or “created.”

3) Clearly, there weren’t enough wise Latina judges on the committee.

2) The IOC is racist.

1) It’s Bush’s fault.

* – it just keeps getting scarier and scarier:

* – you know, I was reminded the other day of some of the things Obama said in his inauguration address, and, in retrospect, just how hypocritical some of those things sound now, not even nine months later. For example, listen to what he says about 1:45 into this:

He won’t apologize? Really? Isn’t that exactly what he does virtually every time he leaves the country?

* – yeah, I just bet they do.

Why are we still a member of the United Nations? Exactly what good has this organization done for the United States of America? Why do we insist on being a member of a body that allows Iran and Libya to be members and North Korea and the Palestinian Liberation Organization to be “observers”? I think we need to leave the U.N. It is a toothless tiger. It costs us somewhere in the area of $400 million a year to be a member. The international diplomats who swarm New York City because the UN meets there rack up almost $20 million annually just in unpaid parking tickets. Who knows what other crimes these people commit with their diplomatic immunity. And we get exactly what for our troubles?

The United Nations has now become as useless as its predecessor, the League of Nations. It is time to leave.

While I’m at it, let’s get the hell out of NATO, too. Why does that alliance even exist? It was formed to provide a military alliance against the Soviet Union and its puppet satellite states in the Warsaw Pact. The USSR is dead. The Warsaw Pact is dead. Most of the countries who were once members of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR are now members of NATO! So why are we still a part of a now useless alliance?

And finally, as long as I’m talking about getting out of things, let’s get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, too.

Yes, I was for the Afghanistan invasion. And yes, I was for the Iraq invasion, too. But that was 2001 and 2003. It’s now 2009. Why are we still in either of those countries?

Think about it. Why did we invade those two nations? Afghanistan was because we wanted revenge for 9/11, we wanted to hurt al-Qaeda, and we wanted to topple the Taliban government and replace it with an American-friendly government because we believed the Taliban had very close ties with al-Qaeda. Iraq was because we believed Saddam had WMDs and to topple him and his Baath party because we believed he had ties to al-Qaeda, as well.

Well, I think we’ve taken our revenge for 9/11 by now, don’t you? We’ve hurt al-Qaeda pretty badly in Afghanistan, wouldn’t you say? We toppled the Taliban and installed a democratic government, haven’t we? So why are we still there? “But Falcon,” you may say, “if we leave now that government may not be able to stand on it’s own.” To which I say, so what? We’ve been propping that government up for eight years now. Don’t you think it’s about time the training wheels came off and they learned how to stand on their own? Stop crawling and start walking, people!

I think if there ever were WMDs in Iraq we would have found them by now, don’t you (though we did find quite a bit of evidence that Saddam was violating the peace treaty from the first Gulf war in other ways. Sorry – can’t let that go 🙂 )? We toppled Saddam and the Baath party and installed a democratic government, didn’t we? And while we didn’t find any links between Saddam and al-Qaeda, we certainly hurt other anti-American terrorist groups being supported by Hussein, right? So why are we still in Iraq? Because we’re afriad of that government falling apart as soon as we leave?

Well, I already gave my opinion on that, didn’t I?

The cost of these wars, in terms of both dollars and American lives, has been well documented, and they far outweigh the rewards. The money would be far better off being spent on something else or, perhaps even better than that, not being spent at all. The lives, obviously, are priceless. We can continue to fight the War on Terror in a much more efficient and effective manner, as I’ve detailed before. Finally, lest anyone accuse me of being against these wars now only because it’s Obama in office and not Bush, I would refer you to the same post and ask you to note the date.  

* – this may interest some of the moms out there , depending upon their political views.

* – this site will help you keep and eye on the SEIU, if you’re interested.

(and, yes – I LOVE the name of the site! 🙂 )

* – yes, ladies and gentlemen, the United States of America is, in fact, exceptional.

(have I mentioned how much I like Bill Whittle yet?)


  1. See? I don’t have to lift a finger. You’ve said it all so neatly for me.

    Nicely done, my dear Falcon.

  2. The Obama Youth Squad is downright scary.

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