Posted by: nhfalcon | September 21, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.9.21.09

* – after I dropped Little Man off at his daycare this morning, I stopped at a local Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee before heading off to work. As I was in the parking lot making my way back to my car, the following thought occurred to me: ‘I’m wearing a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, black socks, and dress shoes. My hair – what’s left of it – is short and a good chunk of it is grey. I’m holding a cup of coffee. Are the people driving by and looking at me right now seeing my father?!”

God, I hate being 40!

* – oh, btw, I think I forgot to mention that I have a new job now. I still occassionally give a shift to the inventory company, just for the sake of some extra cash, but I’ve had a new, honest-to-god-full-time job for about five or six weeks now. I’m essentially a technical support rep for one of the big cell phone companies.

Before you ask – no, I can’t get you a free iPhone or Blackberry. 🙂

* – my Falcons are now 2 – 0. Against two of last year’s division champions, I might add. Tony Gonzalez absolutely looks like he’s worth the second round pick we gave up for him. The defense looks solid if not spectacular. Losing first-round rookie DT Peria Jerry for the season hurts, though. Next week – New England.

Probably a good thing the Chilis and I won’t be in the same room this coming Sunday. 🙂

* – RIP, Patrick Swayze.

* – I know some people who’d probably rather see this than Disneyland.

* – well, DUH!!!

* – what is the point of cheerleading?!

What is the point of cheerleading?!?!?!

(what is the point of cheerleading?)

I mean, besides allowing Peyton Manning to make awesome commercials:

* – now this would get me to go to a basketball game! 🙂

* – I’m fairly certain this would never be allowed at any of Mrs. Chili’s yoga classes:




















* – they’re still talking about taxing music – only now it would be your iPod and iPhone.

* – or, you know, we could just fine stores for selling soda.

* – look, I know it worked for Jesse Ventura (well, it got him elected, anyway), but I’m not real sure anybody associated with the WWE being in politics is a good idea.

* – look, it’s not always about liberalism vs conservatism, left vs right, or Democrat vs Republican. Sometimes it’s just about getting the government the hell out of my life. For example, did you know that back in 2008 the Fed decided it could fine you if you sold an inappropriate item at a garage sale?!

* – so, let’s see, we’ve still got the health care debate raging on. There’s still wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan (notice how, all of a sudden, now that Obama’s running these wars, the outcry for us to leave those countries has died down?). The economy is still stumbling along. Pretty major stuff, huh?

So what does Congress waste taxpayer time and money on?

Passing a resolution condemning Joe Wilson because he wouldn’t apologize to them. Never mind that he didn’t insult them, he insulted the President. Never mind that he apologized to the President. Never mind that the President accepted the apology. Oh, no, we still need waste a day on this ridiculously self-serving bullshit instead actually dealing with the real issues facing the nation.

God, but I can’t wait for 2010 and hopefully cleansing the Senate and the House of Representatives!

* – at least they had the good sense to pass a resolution to defund ACORN after all the crap that organization has been caught doing. Do you realize these people were on the books to receive over $8 billion of stimulus package funds? Despite this, when pressed about them by George Stephanopoulos, Obama insisted that he didn’t know how much money they were getting, and that he had more important things to deal with!

Are you f#*king kidding me?!

* – speaking of ACORN, remember how I mentioned them last week as one of those (groups of ) people that Obama has surrounded himself with and told us that we should judge him by?

Well, don’t forget the Service Employees International Union (the SEIU). They have been active and vocal supporters of Obama and other democrats, often organizing events for them. Remember that video a while back of a black man getting beaten up outside a healthcare rally? The antagonists in that fracas were SEIU members.

And they also employ people who enjoy child pornography and molestation

Are the actions of one man indicative of an entire organization? No, they are not. Is, by and large, the SEIU ashamed that they ever gave this man a job? I’m sure, by and large, they are.

Still, things like this just don’t look good.

* – and yet another Obama fund-raiser gets caught breaking the law.

* – things like that just give guys like this more ammunition to work with.

I’d like to know two things: 1) what was the heckler saying? and 2) why did the police have to lead him away? I didn’t see anything threatening from him, did you?

* – perhaps the heckler was giving The One grief over this?

* – the hypocrisy and arrogance of this administration just astounds me. It truly, honestly does. Read this.

Go ahead, read the whole thing. I’ll wait.


Do you believe that shit?! How narcissistic (sp?) can you get?! I thought this administration cared about the environment. I thought it cared about reducing waste and inefficiency. Apparently that’s just another case of “Do as I say, not do as I do.”

She couldn’t have just sent an aide out for her precious fucking organic kale?



  1. Yeah, Dude – you’re turning into your father. Mr. Chili and I are marveling that a little boy we used to know turns TWENTY TWO tomorrow. Holy shit.

    Um, no; that would NEVER be allowed in my yoga classes. I’m all about assists and adjustments, but he’s practically fingering their kitties. NOT okay (not to mention that this pose is INCREDIBLY bad for necks and back and would NEVER be seen in my class, EVER. I’m far more responsible than that)…

  2. What? She cooks? Pfah.

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