Posted by: nhfalcon | August 24, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.8.24.09

* – hey, if you were a little teenage geek-boy with Catherine Zeta-Jones in your house, you would’ve tried to pull this off, too:


* – damn PETA and their sexist ways!

* – gee, Dolly, ya think?

* – betcha didn’t know this about toilet paper.

* – I just read in the September 2009 edition of Discover magazine that scientists are working on either eyedrops or pills (maybe both) that will allow human beings to have temporary night vison. Obviously, if this technology is perfected, it will have military applications first.

Still, what won’t they think of next?

* – well, if you’re a couple of college guys, you’ll think of this. 

(notice that they got an A for that project)

* – hey, good news: Obama’s administration figures that in ten years the federal deficit will only be about $9 trillion or so!

And I’m sure a decade from now they’ll still be insisting they inherited it from GW’s administration.

* – as much as we might like to run, I’m willing to accept baby steps like this.

* – I can’t believe men and women who have been willing to sacrifice their lives for this country have to put up with B.S. like this.

* – at first glance, I don’t think releasing 27,000 inmates is a very good idea.

At first glance.

Anybody got more details on this?

* – for the record, I do not like the term “death panels.” It is inaccurate, it is propaganda, and it is fear-mongering at its worst. As much as I may dislike Obama’s politics and the current health care proposal, it is wildly inappropriate to use language that conjures up images of government officials sitting behind a bench saying “You don’t deserve to live, you don’t deserve to live, you don’t deserve to live, you… well, all right, we’ll let you live, but come back in a year so we can review your case…” as old people shuffle on by.

There is nothing in the proposed bill that will lead to that.

However (you knew that was coming, right? 🙂 ), if you think the potential for rationing end-of-life care doesn’t exist, you’re kidding yourself. You are deluding yourself if you think the possibility doesn’t exist of the government saying, “Sorry, but that life-saving surgery you want is too expensive and we won’t cover it – here, why not take a pain pill instead?”

If you demand examples of those (and other) eventualities, fine.

How’s this?

How about this?

* – got questions about health care (who doesn’t?)? Here’s CNN’s offered answers.

* – well, this is an interesting take on whose fault it will be if the proposed health care bill doesn’t go through.

* – here’s another possible option for health care (though certainly not a perfect one) already used by Mitt Romney.

* – why isn’t tort reform being seriously discussed in this health care debate? At 7:35 AM EST on August 18th I saw John Roberts on CNN say that he has friends who are doctors that pay around $80,00 a year in malpractice insurance premiums! Gee, do you think if that number came down it might have some impact on what those doctors charge their patients?

* – the federal government couldn’t budget Cash For Clunkers properly (remember, they figured it would only require $1 billion. Four days later they had to ask for another $2 billion). When they originally came up with MediCare they figured by 1990 it would cost $9 billion. By 1990 it actually wound up costing $66 billion. Now, for the first time in the program’s history, Social Security will not adjust payments to its recipients to account for cost of living increases. 

I will say it again – are these really the people you want to entrust with your health care?

* – I’ll say this again, too – please stop telling me that the Republicans are a bunch of do-nothing, the-party-of-“no,” “we-think-the-current-health-care-system-is-perfect,” iconoclasts:

* – every so often somebody from my end of the political spectrum acts like an idiot.

This would be one of those times.

* – and so would this:


Look, I don’t like the man’s politics, either. I am afraid that he is steering this country towards massive oversight and control by the federal government. However, he is NOTHING LIKE HITLER! You can argue all you want about whether or not he may have racist tendencies against whites, but I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me with a straight face that his ultimate master plan is to round up everybody who doesn’t look the way he wants them to, talk the way he wants them to, and think the way he wants them to, put them all in to concentration camps and then slaughter them all.

You can disagree with the man all you want to (the gods know I do), but let’s not go off the deep end into hysteria, ok?

* – you know, I could’ve sworn Obama didn’t like oil drilling. And if he does, why is he giving billions of dollars to foriegn companies?

* – I just started working for a company that supports Blackberries (among other wireless communication devices) and was reminded during my training of an interesting little moment around the time Obama took office.

He owned a Blackberry at the time (he still very well may, though I am unsure of that). His version of the Blackberry did not have the proper security capabilities for the office of Preisdent of the United States, so he was asked to relinquish it and use a different device.

He refused.

But, Mr. President, this is for your security. Don’t you want the government looking out for you at all times?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂  

* – I’m still waiting to see all those jobs the stimulus package was supposed to save or create, how about you? 

* – good. I want the Dems to be worried about 2010 (not to mention 2012).

* – everybody’s dream come true – the next Sarah Palin.

* – so the CIA hired Blackwater to assassinate terrorists.

What’s your point?

* – a while back I got into a political “discussion” with another blogger (who shall remain nameless in the interest of peace and tranquility) who, just because I was a conservative, accused me of “spitting on” him and being part of “the fringe.”

I won’t dignify the “spitting on” comment with a response.

As far as the fringe thing goes, however, I do have to ask this – if we conservatives are such “fringe” elements, then why are we far more successful in the bookstores than liberals? Why are far, FAR more people buying books written by conservative authors than liberal ones?

Want proof of my claims? OK – look here. The New York Times bestseller list. What do you see? I see Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption at #1 in Hardcover Nonfiction. Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny is #3. Catastrophe by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann is #5. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O’Reilly is #7. In Paperback Nonfiction, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense is #1. By comparison, President Obama’s Dreams From My Father is #22. 

Common Sense ranks #41 on Barnes & Nobles’ sales rank. Malkin’s at 15. Levin’s at 324. Richard Wolffe’s Renegade: The Making of a President, by comparison, is at 1,123. James Carville’s 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation is 22,521. Dreams From My Father is 1,338. The Audacity of Hope is 2,118. 

But we’re the fringe. Uh-huh. Yep. OK.




  1. CLEARLY there’s a whole section of people who’ve never heard of Godwin’s Law, which states that the first one to compare his opposition to Hitler or the Nazis AUTOMATICALLY loses the argument.


  2. I swear to you, Mrs. C., I am not trying to be an a-hole here, but you realize that Nancy Pelosi falls under that heading, too, right?

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