Posted by: nhfalcon | August 10, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.8.10.09

Lots of pics and YouTube vids this week, kids, so be prepared for the page to load a bit more slowly than usual…

* – apparently the folks at Hardees took advertising lessons from Burger King…


* – now, maybe I’m just hornier than the average bear, but I’m pretty sure I spend more than 45 minutes a day ogling hot chicks.

* – I’ve heard of “the dog ate my homework,” but this is ridiculous!

* – OWWWW!!! I mean, if things went down as the article says they did, then the dillbag deserved it, but still – OWWWW!!!

* – hey, wanna save the rainforests?

Pee in the shower.

* – another icon from my high school years has left us.

* – the greatest prank call – EVER!

* – picture, if you will, The Superfriends meets Friends

* – now picture, if you will, The Monkees meet Iron Maiden…

* – still think a middle-class tax increase will never happen under Obama?

* – speaking of taxes, read this and tell me with a straight face that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.

* – seriously?

* – are you f#*king kidding me?!

* – and, lest I be accused of partisanship (moi? Never! 😉 ), are you f#*king kidding me?! Part II.

* – are you f#*king kidding me?! Part III:

I can’t believe how difficult it was for me to find a link to this story. CNN had nothing that I could find. MSNBC buried it in this article, and referred to it thusly:

“In Mehlville, Mo., St. Louis County police officers arrested six people on Thursday evening, some on assault charges, outside a health care and aging forum organized by Representative Russ Carnahan, a Democrat. Opponents of the proposed changes, organized by the St. Louis Tea Party, apparently clashed with supporters organized by the Service Employees International Union outside a school gym.”

Apparently? Apparently?!

I found nothing on ABC. I found nothing on CBS. I found nothing on NPR. I found nothing on USAToday.

Oh, btw, the Service Employees International Union (aka the SEIU) spent over $60 million to help Obama get elected, according to its own president.

* – what’s good for the goose…


is good for the gander.























* – to those of you who fell in love with Obama because you felt that , finally, we’d have a president who would motivate people to get off their asses and get involved: congratulations – you’ve gotten your man…

Be careful what you wish for.

These people are making their voices heard because of your man. He bailed out companies that deserved to fail. He nationalized the auto industry. He wants to nationalize healthcare. He’s spending money WORSE than a drunken sailor at a brothel. Under him the federal government is expanding like Thunder in Big Trouble in Little China after Jack Burton kills Lo Pan. He’s staffed his cabinet with tax cheats. His Speaker of the House is essentially accusing some Americans of being Nazis. His White House is asking the Americans who agree with him to rat out the Americans who don’t (can you say “1984”? Can you say McCarthyism?). He jammed the stimulus down our throats. He’s trying to jam his health care plan down our throats. Don’t forget about Cap & Trade and what that will do to your taxes and the cost of your energy. The transparency he promised is nonexistent. He stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and his foot in his mouth with the Gates/Crowley incident. He’s toured various parts of the world apologizing for being an American and basically for the country even existing. 

And he’s only been in office for around 200 days! Who knows what’s next?

Because of him, people are making their voices heard and getting involved. What he – and those of you who voted for him because of his ability to inspire – didn’t count on was that those people would be against him.

Allow me to get Limbaugh-esque on you for a moment…

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, if the Republican party can find somebody to rally behind and Obama continues down this road, he will be voted out in 2012. He is committing political seppuku and only needs a true leader in the Republican party to step forth and play the role of the wakizashi.



  1. That Obama has proven to be such a bully is an unexpected gift. I don’t think it was in anyone’s crystal ball that he would suck so badly at day-to-day politics.

    But whatever you do, don’t relax.

  2. Another gift-wrapped blunder today:

  3. My favorite Bush poster image was the one of him sucking Lady Liberty’s blood like a vampire. Iconic, really.

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