Posted by: nhfalcon | July 24, 2009

Today’s Words of Wisdom v.7.24.09

“‘Words mean things’ is one of those core assumptions – the kind of common-sense principle most people simply take for granted. Of course words mean things. Yet there is a significant segment of our society that apparently needs to be reminded constantly of this fact…

To many, saying the right words is enough. In fact, it is everything… They pay lip service to their beliefs and convictions. Words are all you need. Saying the right thing is all that it is required. (These people) simply do not view language the way ordinary people do. They don’t seem to realize that words have consequences. People, voters, even nations, rely on them. Think about it…

To far too many people, words are everything and nothing at the same time. They manipulate words skillfully to convince the public that they are caring, compassionate, good, and wise, but ultimately they have no respect for those words. Words are often meaningless when they come out of the mouths of (these people). They will deny having uttered them the next day. When you prove to them that they actually said them, they will insist they were misunderstood. Thanks to the ethical gymnastics of (these people), words can be both all-important and inconsequential at the same time.”



  1. Oh, I gotcha now, big man. I know who speaks the mystery quotes on Falcon’s Eyrie. šŸ™‚

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