Posted by: nhfalcon | July 20, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.7.20.09

Brace yourself, folks – this is a long one and there’s even more politically-related stuff than usual…

* – the “secret plan” that everyone’s been all up in arms about for the past week or so turns out to be something I’ve advocated for quite some timedeliberately hunting down and assassinating terrorists. Oh, the horror!

This is a bad idea?

And for those of you who want to say, “But they withheld information from Congress,” I say, “So what?” First of all, the plan was never implemented. As long as it was only in the planning stages, there was no need and indeed no requirement to tell Congress about it. Second, I’ll be frank – if I’d been President, I wouldn’t have told Congress after I implemented it. Those self-absorbed glory-hounds can’t keep a secret to save their lives, and a plan like this is at its most effective when it’s kept a secret.

* – the vice-chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is explaining why we should worry about Sotomayor

* – speaking of Just-Call-Her-Justice-And-Get-It-Over-With-Already Sotomayor, these confirmation hearings are a fucking joke. Exactly how the hell does first-time Senator (who’d only been on the job for about five days before he got to “question” Sotomayor) Al Franken get to waste Congressional time with crap like this?:

Apparently he thinks he’s still comedian.

Proud of your new boy now, Minnesota?

* – remember when Obama cut $100 million from his $3.55 trillion budget? Here’s a great visualization of just how ridiculously trivial that was:

* – speaking of great visualizations of Obama plans, let’s take a look at the $787 billion stimulus package and those jobs it was going to save or create, shall we?

* – at least Obama was willing to admit that the unemployment numbers were going to continue to go up for a bit before they came back down. 

Funny how I don’t seem to recall the media making a big deal about that statement, though…

* – why don’t you Libs get it? When you have economic hard times, you cut government spending, not increase it. You cut taxes, not increase them. My god, even one of your most beloved icons understood that basic principle:

* – so here’s the House Dem’s universal health care plan – or at least a summation thereof.

Doesn’t look too bad on the surface, does it? I mean, gee, theoretically it’ll cover 97% of all Americans by 2015. Affordability credits (I’d like some detail on how those work) for the little guy. Don’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions excluding me from coverage. And, hey, those taxes aren’t going to affect me, right? I mean, come on, what’s the likelihood that I’ll ever make $280,000 in a year all by myself, right?


This plan’s gonna cost $1 trillion?! Do we even have $1 trillion? Is there anybody left in the world who’s going to be willing to loan us $1 trillion? Don’t forget, we’ve still gotta figure out how to pay for the current stimulus plan. There are those saying we should do another one. Cap & Tax – excuse me, I meant Cap & Trade – is still coming up. “Well, the goverment says it’ll get half of that $1 trillion by taxing the rich.” Hmmm – sorta gives the rich or wannabe rich incentive to not be rich, doesn’t it? Let’s punish achievement, shall we? Let’s stop small businesses from thinking about getting bigger. Let’s stop them from thinking about hiring more people. Hell, let’s get them thinking about having to reduce payroll. Let’s see, what else… ? Oh, yeah, right – freedom of choice? Throw that out the window. Did you see the part where individuals are going to be required to have coverage or have 2.5% of their gross income taken away in the form of a non-compliance penalty? Or how about the part where businesses with a payroll of $250,000 or more have to provide their employees with health coverage or get dinged to the tune of 8% of their payroll?

Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget that this plan is already (last I checked) about 1,018 pages long, they’re not even done writing it, and most of the people who are going to vote on it haven’t even read it!

Are you f#*king kidding me?!

* – you would think, given all that’s going on nowadays, we’d be worried about slightly more important stuff.

* – oh, no, no, of course there aren’t any in academia trying to indoctrinate their students. What a silly thought.

* – yeah, these are principles I could happily live by.

* – tyranny can begin with a single, apparently benign, act of lawlessness.

* – ok, this isn’t written all that well (it’s a transcript of a radio monologue), and it’s from the Glenn Beck show, which I’m sure will make some of you reflexively want to tune out, but read it carefully and pay attention.

Gee, any wonder why Goldman Sachs just had their profits go up 65%?

* – Martin Luther King, Jr. a Republican? Even I have a hard time with that one.

* – pay attention when you’re recycling your plastics, folks. If done improperly, it can actually be bad for the environment.

* – well, as long as he’s telling us the truth about his innocence, Albert Pujols might actually be a major-league baseball player worth looking up to.

* – I do NOT want a pizza from this place!

* – for those of you who dislike Tom Cruise (ahem, *Mrs.Chili,” ahem), this ought to give you a chuckle.

* – oh, DAMN, this had to hurt!

* – so, somebody asks you to control your dog because it’s barking and menacing people. You obviously think your dog is more important than people, so you punch the person who asked you to control your dog in the face. That person falls, hitting his head on the ground…

And later dies from his injuries.

How do you feel now, asshole?

* – article-0-05B0902C000005DC-666_634x823I’m sure Mrs. Chili would be thrilled to see an F-18 this up-close-and-personal, but… I’m willing to bet it freaked a few people out at the time.

* – as much as I’ve enjoyed their strip clubs, I am now grateful that I don’t live in Rhode Island.

* – I don’t know about you, but I think I’d be pretty embrassed to admit that I’d been attacked by a two-foot perch.

* – there’s a reason why they’re called “crackberries,” folks.

* – um, we didn’t need a study to prove this. I could have told you that a long time ago. 🙂

* – whenever you think you’re life sucks, just be grateful you’re not this guy.

* – I’m sure the people from the new Harry Potter film are grateful for this, but I don’t remember anybody asking for the Vatican’s approval, do you?

* – I think the population of male students at Brown University is about to go up.

* – and that’s the way it was.

* – even I did not know there are (at least) 99 words for boobs.

* – why couldn’t my wedding have been like this? 🙂



  1. The F16 thing would have THRILLED me, but only if I knew it was coming. I LOVE it when they have warrior weekends at the air base; the flight path is literally RIGHT over my house.

    The Tom Cruise thing CRACKED. ME. UP. Thanks for that; I needed a laugh.

  2. I had the same reaction you did to the non-scandal of the CIA assassins. I assumed it was SOP post-9/11. I suspect that since then it has never not been, actually.

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