Posted by: nhfalcon | July 6, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.7.6.09

* – a belated humorous tribute to the SEAL snipers that resolved the Somali pirate incident a while back:


* – I’d say this is a fairly accurate representation of our apparent foriegn policy doctrine at the moment (assuming we even actually have one…):


* – OK, perhaps Ann Coulter went a little too far on this one

* – gee, what a shocker – men can find a consensus where women can’t. 🙂

* – apparently John Kerry didn’t learn David Letterman’s lesson.

* – the Vatican thinks they’ve found the remains of an Apostle.

* – oh, good! More taxes!

* – an Indy V and MI IV?!

* – headlines like this just make me snort with derision. Sure you want to be to camp on time, kid. Sure you do. If you really did, you’d remember that your agent works for you, not the other way around, and you’d just sign your damn contract!

* – hey, all you aspiring pro athletes, take eight-and-a-half minutes and watch the video that accompanies this article.

* – um, if this is real, it is definitely not how I would recommend fishing for marlin!

* – not bad for an unemployed chicken catcher from Kentucky.

* – ok, this dying celebrity thing is starting to get a little scary.

* – see what I mean?

* – why does it seem like whenever a pro athlete meets an untimely end, it’s always one of the good guys? Not that I wish death on anyone, but it can’t be somebody like A-Rod or Allen Iverson or Plaxico Burress, can it? No, it’s gotta be somebody like this guy.

* – here’s an interesting take on Obama’s “we need to shut down Gitmo” speech.

* – it’s baaaaaack!

* – these fuckers just don’t get it, do they?

(of course, the fact that we don’t even bother with the symbolic “slap on the wrist” doesn’t help…)

* – wanna design an iPhone app? Talk to this guy.

* – think the Obama administration’s claim that nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured is just a tad inflated? You’re not the only one.

* – ok, Mr. Letterman, who you gonna pick on now?

* – hmmm, I wonder how Hitler would have reacted to Michael Jackson’s death…

* – I got a new cell phone. Check it out! I like to think of it as a poor man’s (and that would be me! 🙂 ) iPhone. Guess how much it cost me?

Wait for it…

Nothing! That’s right – free! I got it from Best Buy on July 3rd. Absolutely free! The receipt from Best Buy read $0.00.

“But, Falcon,” you say, “there must be a catch.”

Well, yes, but imho they are very tiny catches: 1) I had to make a 2-year committment to AT&T. OK, fine, whatever. I’ve been using them for a long time and am perfectly happy with them, anyway. 2) Because I’m already using AT&T, they (not Best Buy) going to charge me a one-time $18 upgrade fee.

What-ev-er. Even I can handle $18. No other fees. No change to my calling plan. $18 to upgrade to this phone.

* – believe it or not , while in Best Buy getting the phone, for the first time in my life I saw a live demonstration of a Sony Bravia LCD HDTV playing a Blu-Ray disc.

OH. MY. GOD!!!

That picture is F#*KING incredible!!!

Guess what just went on my wish list? 🙂

* – I finally got around to seeing Hancock the other night. Eh. It was ok. I think my biggest issue with it was the fact that I remember being pitched as a comedy and, while it certainly had some funny moments, it really didn’t strike me as such.

* – huh. I didn’t think pink boxers were standard U.S. military issue…



  1. They shouldn’t have made Indy IV, in my view. Never been a fan of the M:I movies. I think I saw the first one at the theater. Meh.

    Thank you for the link, btw.

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