Posted by: nhfalcon | June 24, 2009


OK, so here’s the deal – I won a pair of tickets to see Jimmy Buffett this weekend, but I can’t go because of work and family committments, so I signed up with StubHub to sell the them. The tickets say “Section 1.” However, there was no “Section 1” option on StubHub, only “Box 1” or “Covered Pavillion 1.” I didn’t know which was which, so I assumed (I know, I know…) that Box 1 was the lesser-valued of the two options and listed them as such. They were purchased very quickly, for $100 a piece (face value $136, but I decided, seeing as I got them for free, that I could give the buyer a deal). When the buyer got them, however, he didn’t care that he was getting a deal – he was pissed that he wasn’t getting box seats, so he cancelled the order. In this instance, StubHub, by their own rules, is required to give him what he wanted.

They’re also required to ding the seller – that’s me – for the difference.

What’s the difference? Oh, not much – just 400 freaking bucks!!!

That’s right, because this guy couldn’t accept a deal (I was saving him $72) I’m getting fucked for $400. Nothing I can do about it. I tried bitching at a customer service rep. I tried bitching to her supervisor. I told them I’d never use them again and that I’d tell every one I could (hence this post) not to use them. I asked them to at least break the charge up into smaller pieces so it’d be easier to swallow – nada. I even tried calling my bank to stop the charge – no luck (because the charge is to a debit card, by law the bank has to release the funds).

Look, I realise that I have an obligation to read the fine print. I realise that I signed off on the user agreement. I realise that when the options on the site didn’t match the words on the tickets that I should’ve checked the venue’s website to try to get some further clarification, or maybe even called StubHub’s Customer Service department for clarification, but $400?!?!?! Gimme a break! You’re talking about a pretty successful corporation here. I think they can spare $400 for a first-time user making an honest mistake. Me? I’m living with my mother-in-law so I don’t have to pay rent so I can make ends meet – barely.

I’m not denying that I made mistakes here. But charging me $400 for those mistakes is bullshit.




  1. YIKES!

    I have no idea what StubHub is, but based on your experience, I’ll never use them if I ever do have an opportunity…

  2. is a site where you can either try to buy tickets to an event or sell your own tickets. They’re not unlike a clearinghouse, I suppose. Every time a ticket is sold they take a 15% commission. So, even though I sold the tix for $200, they were only going to give me $170.

  3. Hello nhfalcon,

    I’m reaching out to you from Executive Customer Care (ECC) here at StubHub. We monitor blogs and found your comments. We’d really like to talk with you and would sincerely appreciate your response as we recognize that you may be disappointed in our services.

    From what I gathered of the situation, it appears you were unable to fulfill a StubHub ticket order exactly as listed and consequently had been charged for the difference in cost for StubHub to find replacement tickets for the buyer as per our Fan Protect Guarantee. I do not dispute that the consequences of this situation are disappointing and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    I was hoping that you could provide us with more detail regarding your StubHub ticket order as we would like the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have had regarding StubHub policies and how the situation was handled. We’d also like to find out if there is anyway to turn your StubHub experience around if at all possible.

    If you are interested in discussing this, please contact me at StubHub via email:

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