Posted by: nhfalcon | June 22, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.6.22.09

* – I challenge you to watch this and not get a little misty…

Makes me proud to be a Red Sox fan, a New Englander, and an American.

* – see? Every so often a good story does come out of the NFL!

* – want to give to a good cause and eat like a Hobbit? Live near Orlando? Go here.

* – oh, the things you can do with an iPhone!

* – farewell, Belgarath.

* – look out, it’s the Night of the Living Government! AIIIEEEE!!!!

* – hey, Al Gore, how’s that global warming working out for ya?

* – I’ll probably get more angry responses for linking to this, but the article offers the possibility that the Holocaust Museum shooter actually hates the GOP! 

* – is this the first time Obama’s been booed and it’s been reported?

* – wow, “The One” is even getting criticized by the gay community!

* – hey, Mr. President, cry me a river. It’s part of your job to not be liked by some people. Suck it up.

* – after all, isn’t it enough that you basically own at least one entire major network? One that won’t even allow an opposing viewpoint to buy advertising time?

* – another politician, another criminal.

* – just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, PETA’s nuts!

* – this week’s “Are You F#*king Kidding Me?!” involves $134 billion in US treasury bonds.

* – did you know that if you live in Ohio you can get fined for parking in your own driveway?!

* – “… the fact of the matter is Gitmo is a country club compared to what the Democrats want to do…” – Julian Epstein, Democrat strategist.

I have a slightly different take on this than Rush. What I hear is blatant hypocrisy. Members of the left want a witch hunt for conservatives for waterboarding, but now one of their own is basically saying, “Waterboarding?! Pfft – that ain’t nuthin’! Wait ’till we get a hold of ’em!” Well, which is it? Are you tolerant and empathetic, or are you badasses?

* – I can’t believe some people are still hung up about 2000, Florida, and hanging chads.

Let it go. You’re never gonna get those eight years back, so just move on. Christ, the right didn’t bitch this much when the newspaper headlines had to be changed for Truman, did they? “Truman won? OK, fine, let’s move on, then…”

Bush won the original count. He won three recounts. He won the absentee ballot count. Hell, the New York Times had a Harvard expert use statistical models to see who would have won if all the unpostmarked absentee ballots had been discarded and Bush still won.

There comes a point where you’re no longer demanding recounts because you want justice; you’re demanding recounts because you’re a sore loser.

Granted, in retrospect, those eight years weren’t exactly the greatest…

* –

Actually, no, MA’AM, you didn’t work hard to get to where you are. You are an elected official, which means you got to where you are by conniving people into liking you.

The man you publicly derided is a Brigadier General in the United States Army – HE worked hard to get where he is today. He EARNED his title (which you never used when speaking to him), and he earned it by defending the country that allowed you to rise above yourself and become such an arrogant C-U-Next-Tuesday.

Moreover, he called you “ma’am” out of respect, not contempt or sexism or a combination of the two. Members of the United States military are taught from Day One to address their (assumed) superiors as either “Sir” or “Ma’am,” so stop looking for excuses to cry out “Discrimination!” or “Disrespect!” every chance you can.

* – don’t get to worked up over the corruption of the elections in Iran, folks. It really didn’t matter whether Ahmadinejad or Moussavi won. Sure Moussavi sounded nicer, but the bottom line is that his policies and attitudes are pretty much the same as Ahmadinejad’s. More importantly, either guy is just going to be a puppet for the true power brokers in Iran – the mullahs and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Until they’re overthrown, nothing’s going to change over there.

* – for what it’s worth, here’s my take on the whole David Letterman – Sarah Palin thing: get over it. It wasn’t worth this much attention. Was it a tasteless joke? Yes. And I don’t care whether he meant the 14-year old daughter or the 18-year-old daughter. The age isn’t the point. You should leave the kids out of it. Christ, even Glenn Beck said it could have been Keith Olbermann’s daughter and it still would have been a tasteless joke. The politicians know they’re going to get ripped by comedians – it’s part of the job. But, the families – and especially the children – should be off limits. Let’s put this scenario back 15 years ago or so and imagine Letterman’s target had been Chelsea Clinton. Don’t you think there would have been outrage then? Of course there would have been, and there should have been. Leave the kids out of it.

Should Letterman be fired or suspended or something? No. He’s admitted the joke was tasteless and he’s apologized for it (though it took him long enough to deliver a serious and sincere apology) and the Palins have accepted the apology, so let’s just move on, ok?

(I do have to say, though, that I find it curious that there was far more outrage over Imus’ “Nappy-haired ho’s” comment than there was over Letterman’s, and that Imus did get fired for his remark)

* –  we really are just going to have to bitch-slap North Korea, aren’t we?

* – let’s take a jump in the Way-Back Machine for a second, shall we? I’m re-reading Pete Blaber’s “The Mission, the Men, and Me” and at one point he addresses the $600 toilet seats that had everybody all pissed off way back when. Do you know why those toilet seats were $600? Because they weren’t “hey-I-think-I’ll-run-over-to-Home-Depot” toilet seats. According to Blaber “(t)he onboard toilets on the planes required a uniquely shaped fiberglass form… that also had to satisfy strict military design specifications for vibration resistance, fire retardance, weight, and even durability… Additionally, the molds for the seats had to be specially made because the production process for these particular seats had been closed down for more than two decades.”

Huh. I don’t remember the press reporting any of that back then, do you?

(go about  2:10 in to get to the relevant quote in the clip)

* – I mentioned a while back that while the state of Maine has approved gay marriage, there are still those in the state who want to overturn the law. In order to do so, they have to get at least 55,000 signatures on a petition by a certain deadline. If they do so, the issue will become an item to vote on in the next statewide referendum election. Then, of course, they’ll have to win the election.

I bring this up because the other day I had one of the anti-gay marriage people ask me to sign their petition. I declined, of course, saying that I was for gay marriage. To my surprise, the petitioner let it go at that. “Oh, ok. Well, thank you for your time.” I was fully prepared to have to fight the guy off, which I really wasn’t looking forward to, as I had Little Man with me at the time.

That’s only the second tim in my entire life that I’ve been asked to sign a petition. The other time was while I was getting my bachelor’s degree, and the person wanted me to sign off on protesting our goverment’s support of the Contra’s at the time.

I declined to sign that one, too. 

* – seriously? Is any real fisherman gonna use this thing?



  1. I was yelling at the radio when I heard about Boxer’s dumbass comment. If the general was calling the male senators “sir,” then he should call the female senators “ma’am.” This is just whiny one-upsmanship, and it’s pathetic.

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