Posted by: nhfalcon | June 8, 2009

Just Another Random Monday v.6.8.09

I think I’ll give a go at making “Just Another Random Monday” a (at least semi-) regular thing…

* – I’m willing to bet few (if any) of you had any intention of watching Punisher: War Zone, but if you did, I’m here to tell you: DON’T!!!

* – unfortunately, I’d have to say don’t bother with Body of Lies, either. It was better than P:WZ (not that that’s saying much), but I found it disappointing, to say the least.

* – this looks like it is going to be a kickass game!

* – this one looks good, too.

* – it’s pretty sad when the Russians think we’re sinking into Marxism.

* – as much as I hate to say it, I’m willing to bet I’m going to have at least one “Are You F#*king Kidding Me?!” entry each time I do this.

* – yes, Pat Buchanan wrote this, so consider the source’s motivation, but he does raise some pertinent questions.

* – now, obviously, a doctor getting murdered is far more tragic, but exactly what kind of a-hole goes around setting fire to a place of business (and a residence, too, I might add), just because he/she has an issue with nudity?

* – um, at exactly what point do we say “enough is enough” and put a scumbag out of our misery?

* – we will miss you, Grasshopper.

* – sorry, doc, but I think sexting is a little more serious than spin-the-bottle!

* – Senator Kerry! I am shocked and apalled! Is that how a politically-correct, tolerant, empathetic, enlightened liberal looks at women?! For shame!













(and here I thought I was the only male pig in the universe… 🙂 )

* – Damn! Just when I thought I’d start watching women’s tennis again, too. 🙂

* – so, I just finished reading “Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right” by Ann Coulter. Given the title and the author, I’m sure you’re aware what the book is trying to say, and I knew there’d be an agenda behind it from the get-go. However, I have to say Coulter did her homework when she wrote it. This book is exhaustively researched. Every single one of the nine main chapters has anywhere from 35 to 145 cited sources to back up her assertions. Even the nine-page Conclusion has nine citations. She uses magazine and newspaper articles, books, websites, LexisNexis searches, television and radio clips – you name it, she uses it to prove her point.

In the interest of being fair, however, I’d now like to read something similar from the Left’s point of view. Does anybody have any recommendations for a liberal book that is also similarly well-researched?

* – hey, yeah – just why are conservatives so mean?



  1. I’ve NEVER seen a photo of John Kerry that I think is funnier than that one of him throwing the football.

    This one’s pretty good, though.

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