Posted by: nhfalcon | May 18, 2009

Oh, How I Love the Irony

and the hypocrisy.

Just to be fair, it doesn’t help the Republicans any when they have idiots like this guy representing the party.

Kill me.

Oh, btw, is it just me, or do the Democrats now have their version of Dan Quayle? First the “Indians in every 7-11” comment, then the “don’t get on a plane or train because of the swine flu” bit, and now this.

Maybe they should just muzzle the guy…



  1. What the GOP needs is a make-over of their hair styles.
    Like, what is with John Boener?

  2. I was okay with the article about the senator until I got to the part about how partial he is to Joe Lieberman. “Some of my best friends are Jewish.” Kill me, indeed.

    It seems to me that VPs have ALWAYS come out with dumbass comments. The job needs to be harder; give these guys something to actually DO and maybe they’ll be too busy to open their mouths…

  3. Well, now, wait a minute. I mean, Dick Cheney was powerful evil personified. He was the Emperor to Bush’s Darth Vader. So he must have had plenty to do, right? I mean, between personally orchestrating no-bid contracts for Halliburton, and planning and delighting in the torture of scores of detainees, and…

  4. I don’t know, Mrs. C. – I honestly only remember Quayle and now Biden being this inane.

    Cheney had the hunting accident, but that was about it (that I remember, anyway). I don’t recall Al Gore saying things I thougt were silly until he began his campaign for the presidency). George H. W. Bush had a pretty quiet vice presidency under Reagan. I think the worst mistake Mondale ever made was running against Reagan.

    Which reminds me of a Dennis Miller quote (really, Falcon?! What a shocker! 🙂 ) Regarding Mondale’s run in 1980 Miller said “Pretty soon we’re gonna see this guy in American Express card commercials: ‘Hi. Do you know me? A couple of years ago I ran for President and got stomped like a narc at a biker rally!’ I don’t remember the final count but I know when I went to bed Reagan had 598 electoral votes and Mondale had THREE! You think about it – that’s only three more than I had and I didn’t even run! This guy spent $40 million and I almost tied him! Talk about not having a date for the prom…”

  5. I remember Ford.

  6. Ford was just a tad before my time (politically speaking, anyway). I remember he had problems with stairs, but that’s about it.

  7. Ford was just Ford. He did nothing, and then suddenly, one day, he had to be president. I remember him pretty well, as the Nixon resignation speech was my initiation into the world of politics and governance. I am not sure that at the tender age of 10 I really understood much of what was going on, but my Dad insisted I watch the whole speech because of its historic importance (this is the same man who thankfully dragged me out of bed to watch the moon landing when I was 5 and made sure I met the famous David and Susan from Sesame Street).

  8. I so wish I could have seen Apollo 11 live.

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