Posted by: nhfalcon | April 13, 2009

Post-Easter Randomness

* – though we are not a religious household by any stretch of the imagination, we did celebrate the bunny/egg holiday yesterday (I have yet to hear an explanation as to how Jesus rising from the dead has anything to do with bunnies, and how either of those two things has anything to do with eggs, but whatever…). Little Man got a two nice big baskets, one from Cookiemaker and I, the other from my parents. We got to see Cookiemaker’s mother and maternal grandmother, my parents, and one of Cookiemaker’s brothers, his fiancee, and their little boy. We had a nice big dinner of ham, au gratin potatoes, asparagus, salad, and biscuits, with chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips for dessert.

All in all, a pretty damn good day! 🙂

* – I’ve had the last seven days off, including today. Pretty nice as far as sating my inherent laziness goes. Pretty sucky as far as the ol’ paychecks goes, though, seeing as I only get paid by the hour. 😦

* – yes, I’m still looking for a teaching job. They’re gradually popping up, but so far pickings are pretty slim. In the meantime, I’ve been working for this inventory company that has me going all over New England. For example, tomorrow I’ll be in Falmouth, ME, the next day in Plymouth, NH, the day after that in Hampton, NH, and then on Sunday I’ll be in Morrisville, VT. Good thing I get paid for travel time, huh?

* – gotta give credit where credit is due.

* – the perfect gift for liberals everywhere! 🙂

* – I agree with the author – somehow I just don’t see this happening.

* – why aren’t there any of these restaurants in my part of the country? 😦

That is all. Carry on.



  1. So, if my math is right (and my math is RARELY right) you’re in Hampton on Wednesday? Wanna try to get together for dinner, or is this a quicker trip than that will allow?

    The Obama chia is creepy, and if you get me one, I will not be amused. In fact, I will hold it against you (and perhaps throw it at you).

    Really? You can’t just be happy with a Bertucci’s?

  2. I’ll be in Hampton on Thursday, and yes, I’m up for a quick, cheap (emphasis on cheap 🙂 ) dinner.

    Really? You don’t want your very own commerorative (sp?) Obama chia head? Only $19.99! But wait, there’s more! We’ll also throw, free, the Pocket Fisherman! 🙂

    I’ll be happy with a Bertuci’s if and when they have waitresses who look like that and dress like that. My god, do you realize I’ve never been to a Hooter’s in my life?! I’m deprived (or is that depraved..? 🙂 ). Hell, the closest Hooter’s is around two hours away!

  3. You know, if you purchase that Obama Chia Pet, you might as well don a hood and light a cross:

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