Posted by: nhfalcon | March 20, 2009

Beware! There’s Some Politics Mixed in With This Randomness

* – first and foremost, I’m getting just a little sick and tired of all this “If you don’t agree with my political philosophy then you’re un-American” bullshit.

Belay that. I’m way beyond just a little sick and tired – I’m offended and disgusted!

Don’t you DARE question my patriotism, my love of my country, or my gratefulness for being born in this country just because my political opinions differ from yours!

And this goes both ways, folks. Just because I lean to the right doesn’t mean this is directed only at the left. This mentality was bogus when it was directed at the left during the Bush years, it’s bogus when it’s directed at the left now, and it’s bogus when it’s directed at the right now.

* – as much as I agree that it’s way too early to call Obama’s presidency an abject failure, it’s also way too early to be writing a fawning, obsequious, ass-kissing blowjob like this.

* – here’s some interesting stuff about the stem cell debate.

* – and some more about global warming (that’s two separate links there, folks).

and now for some more YouTube wonder…

* – beware the man-boobs!

* – where else can you see Bill Belichick sing with Bon Jovi?

(which was more painful to watch – the man-boobs or Bill Belichick singing? đŸ™‚ )

* – another great old commercial



  1. Yes, indeed, my dear; I’m pretty sick of the whole “un-American thing, too. To be honest, I’m sick of ALL the dumbassery I’m seeing lately, from BOTH sides. I’m thinking we need to rethink our political set-up, big time.

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch EITHER of your videos, so I’m not going to express an opinion either way (you’re some kind of weird-o, you know that? Where do you FIND this stuff? Do you actually go LOOKING for it?)

  2. I found those two videos via my fandom of the NFL (the Belichick video was on and my geekdom when it comes to the NFL Draft (Andre Smith is one of the top offensive tackle prospects for this year’s draft).

  3. I certainly don’t question anyone’s patriotism. To do that I would have to believe that the word “patriotism” has any meaningful significance, and then, if I gave a damn, compare someone’s deeds to such significance, and reach some sort of conclusion.

    Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Considering the way the word is used in public discourse these days, and the scoundrels slinging it around, it seems to be enough of a definition for our time.

    Our manner of public discourse has sucked the meaning out of a lot of terms, in my view.

  4. Okay, I read the things about stem-cell, and “global warming.” With regard to the latter, it matters not to me who bleats and how loudly about it on either side, I do not have the informational wherewithal to parse their views. So I ignore them.

    I do not consider embryos to be human beings, so I am completely unpersuaded by the right-to-life point of view. I will not be changing my mind about this no matter how many religionists beat their breasts.

  5. An add on.

    Is there anything I am being asked to do vis-a-vis “global warming” which is not a good idea anyway?

  6. * – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I believe the political party system is what’s been fucking this country or years. Too much “let’s do what’s right for the Party” and nowhere near enough “let’s do what’s right for the country!”

    I quote John Adams: “There is nothing I dread so much as a division of the Republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader and converting measures in opposition to each other.”

    * – having done some brief, cursory research of Mr. Johnson, I’d rather have my scoundrels (of yesteryear, mind you, not necessarily of today), thank you very much.

    The definition of the word is very clear to me – love of and gratitude towards to my country. Whether or not that definition means something to someone is up to the individual.

    It means something to me.

    * – I don’t have a problem with stem cell research, actually. As I made clear in my ill-fated abortion debate with Kizz, I don’t believe an unborn child is “human” until fairly well along in the process – certainly farther along than just a clump of cells on the head of a pin.

    My problems are a) if using adult stem cells are more effective than using embryonic ones, why are you waasting time with the embryonics? and b) why the FUCK should my tax dollars be spent on researching any of it?!

    * – I’ve thought the global warming hysteria was b.s. all along. Climate change is normal and cyclical and the human impact is minimal – if there is any human impact at all.

    Now then, I’m also against just plain stupid, rampant abuse of the environment. If the world can be a better place by all of us chipping in and doing what we can to be “greener,” then let’s do it. Who or what will be hurt in the process? Likely no one and nothing, so let’s get to it.

    But for Christ’s sake, Al Gore, stop crying wolf!

  7. I agree completely with Ms. C. I am so done with this crap. All of this crap is dividing us as a nation and we all know that can’t be good.

    I will admit that I have thrown out the “unpatriotic” bomb a few times, but I do it mostly as pay back for the later Bush years (I say later because I supported him up and until 2004), when I was often called unpatriotic for questioning Bush’s mentality.

    In the end, nothing is going to change as long as we stay the same.

  8. When someone advocates seceding from America, rejects the fundamentals of democracy, or other specifically anti-American activity… you know, the way Fox News does… then it is only right to call them un-American. That’s because THEY ARE.

    It is a flat-out lie to pretend that this is over a simple difference of opinion. This is about the fact that extreme right-wingers are openly calling for anti-American behavior. Period. So try being honest about it… I know that right-wingers have an impossible time with the truth, but give it a shot for once. Maybe if you do it enough, you won’t be a fringe joke.

  9. The point, iJoe, specifically in regards to some of your posts, is that you come across to me as saying ALL Republicans are un-American, anti-American traitors, and that’s bullshit.

    If I’m misinterperting you, then I apologize.

    If I’m not misinterperting you, then I would point out that your being hypocritical in a sense. The rap that right often gets is that we’re all bigots. “All blacks are the same, all gays are the same, all Mexicans are the same, all women are the same,” blah, blah, blah.

    Well, if I’m not misinterperting you, then you’re saying “All Republicans are the same.”

    Hi, Pot, my name is Kettle.

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