Posted by: nhfalcon | March 9, 2009

Randomness? Oh, Why Not?

* – I was going to do this in a completely separate post, but seeing as my cell phone camera isn’t cooperating (GRRR!), I’ll just add it in here.

It’s a very sad day at the Eyrie, as I mourn the passing of a dear member of the family…

My favorite pair of jeans. 🙂 They’ve been with me for years, growing more and more comfortable with each washing – due, of course, to the minute deterioration of the fibers with each washing. For at least the last year, if not longer, Cookiemaker has been begging me to get rid of them, as they have also grown more and more, ummm, “ahem,” ventilated with each washing. The knees are gone (literally), the cuffs are way past frayed, and the crotch makes going commando in them illegal in most countries. The last straw, even for me, was when one of the back pockets basically fell off completely.

It is indeed a sad, sad day.

* – ah, the brilliance that is Hilary Clinton… 

* – remember what I said about eating bananas in public, ladies? I present for the prosecution Exhibit A:


The technique’s not bad here. Running the tongue along the underside of the head… good, good. Getting used to having the hand on the back of the head is a HUGE plus. Gotta watch those teeth, though. That’s a major no-no!

* – is anybody else bummed that a jagoff like Manny Ramirez is gonna get $45 million over the next two years?

* – along the same lines, that a spoiled little bitch like Terrell Owens is getting $6.5 million for this coming season?

* – is anybody else not feeling sorry for A-Roid?

* – every year lately I think I’m going to try to get back into fantasy baseball via free league, and every year I never get around to it. I wonder if this year will be any different…

* – does anybody else think the Patriots got robbed for getting only a second round pick for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel?

* – I’m starting to get a little nervous over my Falcons’ lack of activity in NFL free agency…

* – how do I get to be a judge for this competition? 😉

* – for the longest time now I haven’t really bothered to buy music CDs. Between the death of my favorite music (80’s hair metal) and the birth of the MP3, I just haven’t seen the point. Why pay for what I can get (illegally, I know. Please don’t start, all you anti-piracy zealots…) for free?

However, I might just make an exception for the band Nickelback. The more I hear their stuff on the radio (on the rare occassion I’m not listening to sports or political talk shows) the more I realize I haven’t heard anything from them I don’t like.

* – I’ve finally joined the masses and signed on to Facebook. So far I’ve managed to avoid it becoming a crack-like presence in my life, but I don’t think Cookiemaker’s too happy that I’ve found one more thing to waste my time with…



  1. Mr. Chili has done little else but complain – LOUDLY – about the Patriots mess since he heard from it. I fear it’s gonna be a loooong season.

    I don’t understand facebook. I’ve got a profile on it, but I don’t see the allure. Clearly, I’m missing something important…

  2. As far as the Cassel/Vrabel trade goes, Mrs. C., refer hubby here:

    and have him read #3. It makes the whole thing seem a bit more sensible.

    I don’t think you’re missing anything important with Facebook. It’s just a timewaster and friend-finder, as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t see you when I set my profile up, though. Send me and email so we can connect, ok?

  3. No Facebook for me.

    EVERY professional athlete is overpaid, in the sense that they get money for playing a game. I accept that the zillionaires who own the teams have the right to spend their money as they see fit (but, of course, they fleece the public for money to build the buildings they use for their hobby).

    I gave up on CDs quite a while back, I do not steal music, but think the “a la carte” aspect of digital music is wonderful. Why should I buy a dozen or so songs I don’t like to hear one I do like? So, I buy individual songs.

  4. I’ve been in mourning since the Saints waived Deuce. The only thing worse would be if he signed with the Falcons.


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