Posted by: nhfalcon | February 25, 2009

The Nancy Pelosi Drinking Game

Go back and watch Obama’s speech to Congress from Feb 24th…

Now, every time Pelosi leaps up from her seat before the President is even done talking, take a drink.

I don’t care if you’re sipping wine coolers – you’re gonna be tanked inside the first five minutes.

Was Pelosi somebody’s marionette last night?

Did she have a spring surgically implanted up her ass?

I haven’t seen somebody stand and sit that often since the last time I was at a Catholic mass.

That’s probably the most exercise she’s had in fifty years.

I bet her husband wishes she’d bounce up and down that often in the bedroom.

And, oh, by the way, to the CNN commentator who observed how happy she was that night based on how much she was smiling – she wasn’t smiling, it was all of her fucking Botox injections.

They don’t call her Nancy “I Can’t Feel My Face” Pelosi for nothing.

Either that or she got gassed by Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

The speech itself? Well-written. Well-spoken. Sounded good. As they say, though, the devil is in the details, which I didn’t hear a lot of.

Here’s hoping that speech wasn’t just all talk…



  1. I’m on vacation. I’ll watch when I get home…

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  3. All that standing pissed me off. I watched most of it live and thought that the clapping/standing was planned.

  4. A pox on you for constructing the mental image of Nancy Pelosi bouncing up and down in the bedroom.

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