Posted by: nhfalcon | February 20, 2009

Are You F#*king Kidding Me?!

I’m glad they’ve decided against it, but they never even should’ve fucking considered it in the first place!



  1. Don’t relax. This could easily be a “float,” the purpose being to mine the worst of your shock and skepticism while gas is cheap.

    When it’s over $4 again, The One can come back with oh-so-reasonable-sounding rhetoric and say golly gee, it WAS a way-out idea then, but what about now? We’ve got to do something.

    But I’m sure I’m just a babbling right-wing fanatic. 🙂

  2. I felt as if it were a feeler, to see how far we’d allow them to go today. They bump up against it, shrink back, pass something less controversial; chip away. Come back in a year, try pushing the envelope again. Compromise.

  3. Well, yeah, that’s what I said, more or less. You’re pretty smart, ‘seester. ;-D

  4. Yep, what you said. Only I feel it is far, far more encompassing that just this issue. It is a blitzing approach.

  5. Now, now. Obama is only restoring leadership and dignity to the U.S. government after eight years of a band of rabid hyenas trashing the place.

    Clearly, you need to repeat the Heroic Narrative portion of your training. You’ll have electrodes this time. Don’t worry; they won’t be hooked up.

    But I wouldn’t let there be a third time.

  6. Okay, really; take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about this for half a second.

    This is, on its face, ENTIRELY impractical. MY car doesn’t even HAVE a GPS system in it, I know only one person personally whose car came with one, and I suspect that disabling the unit in vehicles that do have them is a simple matter. The attempt to levy this as a tax would probably be struck down as unconstitutional pretty much anywhere it was tried because it cannot be levied evenly among those who would be subject to it.

    People as a whole don’t seem to mind having these devices in their cars – automatic toll sensors and Tom Toms are very popular and have ALWAYS been available for use with sinister intent; this isn’t a new idea.

  7. People as a whole don’t seem to mind driver’s license checkpoints. People as a whole don’t seem to mind their cars containing “black boxes” that record potentially incriminating information (about vehicle speed, for example). People as a whole don’t seem to mind being under video surveillance everywhere they go.

    Mrs. Chili, your car can have a GPS receiver for well under $100. Here; let Mommy Government help you out with this $60 coupon to help you offset the cost. Please cover the rest out of your pocket. You love your country, don’t you?

    Only people who like being dependent on foreign oil and/or people who want to rape the planet would object, and you’re not one of those, are you? There you go. (pat pat pat) That’s a good American.

    (BTW, law enforcement agencies are wetting themselves in several places around the country at the thought of using those “innocuous” “automatic toll sensors” to automatically issue speeding citations.)

    Don’t worry, though. We, the United States Government, promise that your PatriotMeter will never be used to track your location or travel history. We simply want to make sure you’re paying your fair share.

  8. I’ll have to do some more research to get all of the facts and details, but I would have to assume that if this tax would become a federal law then the government would have to make sure ALL drivers paid the tax, which, I would assume, would mean that the federal government would find a way to put a GPS tracking device into every car that currently does not have one and making sure that all cars being used in the U. S. in the future have one.

    THAT’S effing scary!

    The people who use Tom Toms and other GPS units and automatic toll sensors now 1) CHOSE to have them, 2) can turn them off, and 3) can uninstall them from their cars easily any time they choose to do so.

    Also, in regards to the toll sensors, they only 1) track you when you’re on a toll road, and 2) can only track when you pass through a toll booth. They CANNOT track how many miles you’ve driven and the general area where you left, the general area where you arrived, and (I assume) the route you took to get there.

    The privacy issue aside, I just simply have an issue with being taxed for driving. Excuse me? The sales tax I likely paid when I bought the car wasn’t enough? The excise tax I pay every year isn’t enough? All of the other taxes I pay aren’t enough? The tolls I pay when I choose to use use a toll road aren’t enough? Isn’t part of this stimulus package supposed to go towards maintaining roads? That’s not enough? All of these things combined aren’t enough?

    Land of the free, my ass!

    And to all of you who would say, “Why do you have a problem with paying a mileage tax when you don’t have a problem paying tolls?” let me reiterate – because I have a CHOICE to use a toll road.

  9. It’s only the lawbreakers who need worry. If you’re not breaking the law, then it’s really no problem at all, right? Did anyone get the mail? Is American Idol on tonight? Who ate the last Oatmeal Cream Pie?

  10. I don’t know about you, but the GPSr devices I have are receiver only. It doesn’t send out a signal to the gubment, but could track where I was for later download.

    It isn’t the logistics that concern me, Mrs. Chili, nor is it the fact that it seems so absurd that it would easily be struck down constitutionally.

    What is very bothersome is the fact that a group
    of government officials actually thought this was a GREAT idea to recover gas tax revenue that was lost from people driving more fuel efficient cars. Forget that little intrusion into your daily private life aspect of it, it sure is a ridiculously costly way of just essentially adding a few cents per gallon to the coffers.

    Dumb. Asses. All of them.

  11. ‘seester: True enough (re: GPS receivers), but wouldn’t a PatriotMeter tax-you-per-mile device probably be on a cellular network for reporting purposes? And guess what cellular networks can do?

    ‘Course, the folks running around with OnStar are being tracked everywhere they go already. I doubt it’s occurred to a tenth of them what a heinous invasion of privacy they’re tolerating.

  12. I hope this nut-job idea of taxing folks by miles driven is truly deceased. However, I’ve learned that one should never underestimate the power of a bad idea.

    I can only imagine the “loopholes” which would be put into any such law, the “shelters,” the “incentives,” etc., etc.

    A lesson which neither “conservative” nor “liberal” politicians ever learn is that the public has a deeply-held belief, based primarily on objective reality, that sending more money to government just breeds more government waste. Every time we have a ballot measure here in Florida to increase any tax at all, I vote against it. It’s amazing how often I’m on the losing end of the vote (particularly when it comes to “temporary” sales tax increases for boondoggles like convention halls, stadiums (ok, “stadia”), etc.

    Of course, government (and by that I mean whoever is in power) has arrogated unto itself the right/power to just waste all the money it wants to by simply borrowing/printing it.

    Never underestimate the power of a bad idea.

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