Posted by: nhfalcon | February 16, 2009

More Randomness Already?

* – per CNN, here’s the winners, losers, and survivors of the new, “trimmed down,” stimulus package.

I don’t think Obama made himself any new friends in the military…

* – CNN also has a pretty interesting link to Obama’s cabinet.

* – and a link to Obama’s first 100 days in office.

* – yet another pro athlete apparently trying to prove that old Charles Barkley commercial was right.

* – hey, all you Joe the Plumber bashers, how come I don’t hear you now about Henrietta Hughes? (link, link, and link)



  1. A president should not have “friends” in the military. The military has a mission statement which says: “We strive to constantly increase our budget, and all other missions we undertake are subservient to that one.”

  2. Actually, TwoBLue, I was referring more to piece on Veteran’s Affairs. Vets weren’t getting screwed enough, and now we’re taking money away from them? That’s just great…

    I’ve alluded to my position on military spending in other posts here and replies to other’s posts elsewhere. It is way out of control. I don’t mind having the biggest and best military in the world, but there’s gotta be a limit at some point, and I think we passed the limit quite some time ago.

  3. As a veteran myself, I don’t feel like the government mistreated me. A caveat is that I have not needed much of anything, and only availed myself of the GI Bill.

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