Posted by: nhfalcon | January 30, 2009

Back To The Randomness

* – Why didn’t they have this class when I was in school? 🙂

* – I’ve commented on strange names for wines in the past, but have recently come across three more – Fat Bastard, Old Fart, and one I won’t name just yet because I think it’ll make a funny yet perfect belated b-day gift for Mrs. Chili. 😉

* – I also recently came across this beer.

I didn’t know you could grow ho’s. 🙂

* – for what it’s worth, I think the Steelers will win the Super Bowl. That being said, I can see the Cardinals pulling off the upset. The intangible reason is that they’ve been beating the supposedly better team (Carolina, Philadelphia) for weeks, so why can’t they keep going? The tangible reason is that the Pittsburgh defense is as good as it is because it blitzes so well. However, one of the things that’s made Kurt Warner so good in recent weeks is beating the blitz. He’s been on record as saying he prefers it when teams blitz him.

Could be interesting…

* – Here’s a commercial that you won’t see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Too bad, because I think it could have turned a LOT of people (well, a lot of guys, anyway) into vegans! 🙂 

* – so I wound up counting the prophylactic section at the store the inventory company I now work for was auditing yesterday. I knew that Trojan had “Magnum” condoms. Well, now they have these condoms. Apparently there’s a large (pardon the pun) enough demographic out there of men whose nickname is “Mr. Ed” that it’s worth it for Trojan to make these things.


Then again, it’s nice to know that my mail is getting through to Trojan… 😉



  1. We were talking the other day about the crazies on the fringes? PETA is a fucking CRAZY lefty organization. Seriously. Sea kittens?! HUMAN milk in Ben and Jerry’s?! Those people are insane.

  2. Oh, yes, PETA is absofuckinglutely a bunch of whackjobs, but between that commercial and having Pamela Anderson as a spokesperson… 🙂

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