Posted by: nhfalcon | January 25, 2009

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With This

(the relevant piece is two minutes into the video)


So I went over to my friend Fourth Unit’s place last night. The NFL Draft is rapidly approaching (April 25 & 26, for those who want to know), and last night down in Mobile, Alabama was the Senior Bowl, THE post-season all-star game for the purpose of evaluating top senior prospects for the draft.

As usual, Fourth Unit was an awesome host. His wife, a top-notch pool player, had won a 50″ Vizio TV in a raffle at a recent tournament, so the game was seen in style. Fourth Unit himself had gone ice fishing earlier in the morning, so we gorged on fresh, fried white perch, bass, and pickerel. I stopped off at a grocery store to pick up a bottle of Coke and a bottle of rum, so I was fairly mellow through the course of the evening.

When it was all said and done, through eating, drinking, watching the game, scouting & criticizing various plays and players and NFL Network commentators, and just catching up (we hadn’t seen each other in a while), I didn’t get home until 1AM.

Given the way I felt when I woke up, I’m guessing I ate a little too much fried fish and drank a little too much rum & Coke…

But it was worth it. 🙂


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