Posted by: nhfalcon | November 27, 2008

I’m Probably Gonna Regret This, But…

Can I please have a holiday without dealing with politically correct bullshit?

Last year it was dealing with people who are offended by “Merry Christmas.” This year it’s people who seem to feel they need to apologize for what Caucasians have done to Native Americans in this country before they can celebrate Thanksgiving with a clear conscience.



Get over it.

Am I denying that it happened? Absolutely not. Am I denying that there is still bigotry against Native Americans (among others)? Absolutely not.

What I am saying is that what some of you out there seem to feel the need to apologize for happened hundreds of years ago! And you’re not the one who did it! And the ones you’re apologizing to didn’t have it happen to them! 

Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on this crap?!

I feel no need whatsoever to apologize to any Native American for what Caucasians have done in the past because I didn’t do anything to them. Nor do I as a white person feel the need to apologize to any black person because one of my ancestors might have been a slaveowner because I’m not a slaveowner. I as heterosexual don’t feel the need to apologize to homosexuals because they can’t legally marry in certain states because I’m not one of the peole making it illegal for them to marry in certain states. I as a man feel no need to apologize to women because they didn’t have the right to vote in this country until 1920 becuase I’m not one of the people who decided women weren’t worthy of voting in this country until 1920.

Am I making my point here?

Getting back specifically to the Native American thing, here are a few things that might make some of you Caucasians feel a little better:

The “Native Americans” aren’t truly native to this continent. They immigrated here from somewhere else (most likely northeastern Asia via the Bering land bridge, though there is some dispute over that theory).

There is evidence that suggests that there were people here before the “Native Americans” (who also likely immigrated here from somewhere else, probably from the South Pacific islands), and that they displaced them, probably violently.

Do a little research and you’ll find that at one point or another every human culture has been both the enslaver and the enslaved, the oppressor and the oppressed, the perpetrator and the victim. If you for one second think the Native Americans have never, EVER in their history done some heinous things to others (often each other), you are sadly mistaken.

So get over it.

Just eat your damn turkey in peace, for crissakes!



  1. I certainly don’t feel the need to APOLOGIZE to anyone because, like you said, I DIDN’T do those things and, more to the point, I live my life in such a way as to try to make things like that less likely to happen again.

    However, I dislike being considered something of an insufferable malcontent because such things are present in my mind. Those who aren’t mindful of the past are doomed to repeat it, isn’t that how the saying goes? I don’t think that there’s ANYTHING wrong with including, in the list of things that one is thankful for, the understanding that not everyone has (or has had) it as easy as we do, and to live to be an example of what kindness and compassion look like. That’s all I’M sayin’…

  2. The thing about Thanksgiving is that as school children, we were lied to about what really happened. Not so much with slavery. Am I responsible for it? Nope. I just don’t want to perpetuate the lie.

    Whew! You were pretty upset about this one, huh?

  3. On a slightly tangential subject, I don’t get when individuals passing on a temporary basis through some official job with some nation “apoligize” for some act of the nation in the past. I recall the PM (or some such dude) form Japan “apologizing” for how the Japanese Army treated some people in WWII (maybe we should call this war “the viscious Nipponese War of Aggression” whatever). True, the Japanese Army apparently was really shitty to Korea and China and lots of other folks, but I still don’t understand such an “apology.” It sort of makes the whole notion of apologizing seem empty, hollow. It debases the whole notion of apology. It is as if some cruel criminal comes in my house, rapes and kills everyone but me, and then, when convicted and hoping for some leniency or some freaking thing, says he’s “sorry.”

    Sorry my ass. I wish everyone alive would be nice to each other. I don’t spend any time at all wishing that in the past, people had been nicer to each other, what the hell would that be worth?

  4. There’s nothing “apparent” about how the Japanese treated people during WWII. Do the Bataan Death March and the Rape of Nanking ring a bell?

    Of course, we then imprisoned every Japanese-American we could get our hands on in turn.

    As I said, every culture has oppressed and been opressed. As you said, it would be nice if we could all just be nice.

    As for living in the past goes, didn’t you buy a shirt with Native Americans on it that said “Fighting Terrorism Since 1492”? 😉

  5. Years ago when I was working for a company in Ohio, I worked with this woman from Ireland who felt the need to constantly remind me of every single American transgression toward the native Americans and others throughout history.

    I only wish that I could have captured the expression on her face when I reminded her that all of the Native Americans that were wiped out on the east coast of this country were wiped out by Europeans because we weren’t even Americans then.

    She never brought it up again.

  6. Yeah, I did buy the shirt, but only because it tickled my funny bone. I certainly am not officious enough to think that I could speak for whatever issues the Native Americans may have currently.

    My use of “apparently” was not meant to cast doubt on what the evil men in the Japanese Army did. In fact, it wasn’t meant to do much of anything except get me to the end of my idea.

    I have sort of a muddy set of thoughts about war (you’d think I’d be doing better with that on account of having attended one). Other than just rounding folks up and shipping them to a murder factory (I’m thinking of Nazi Germany), a lot of other really bad stuff seems sort of endemic to war to me. Not that I condone it, but if I’m shooting at you, dropping napalm on you, carpet-bombing you, etc., etc., the “niceties” seem rather quaint in the modern world of killing. War itself is horrible and cruel. Am I nicer if I run you through with a sword than if I send a cruise missle in through your picture window?

    I gotta think about this more.

  7. Auntie, you weren’t lied to about the first Thanksgiving, you just weren’t told the whole truth.

    And you’re not the one doing the lying or the whole-truth-witholding, so there’s nothing to apologize for, is there?

  8. Coming soon: the sordid, rotten, despicable, blood-soaked, genocidal truth of Mother’s Day.

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