Posted by: nhfalcon | November 25, 2008

In Honor of Kizz

(hopefully this goes over a lot better than the last one did! 🙂 )

Hot People lists!

Kizz, as Mrs. Chili has so eloquently pointed out, is the queen of the Hot People post. She even takes requests! In honor of Kizz, here are some “hot” lists I’ve found recently…

FHM’s Top 100 hottest women (I’d disagree with a lot of these, and even more of them I’ve never heard of)

I didn’t know there were 20 female celebrity chefs, never mind 20 hot ones!

Better believe I knew there were at least 20 hot Victoria’s Secret models, though!

Iran has hot women?! Better hope Ama-what’s-his-name doesn’t find out, or he’ll kill them all!

E! has picked their 50 Hottest movies of all time.

This last one isn’t a list, and she may be hot only to me, but’s it’s my blog, so I can put it here if I want to! :p (warning: this one’s got some naughtiness!)



  1. Thanks for the warning.

    Kizz really is the mistress of Hot People. Seriously.

  2. Interesting that BoobieBlog doesn’t restrict itself to the boobies. Her face looks like Heather Locklear.

  3. Pamela Anderson looks like Heather Locklear?

    Or did you not actually watch the video?

    She has a face? 🙂

  4. One of the most strikingly beautiful women I’ve ever met is Persian.

  5. The quip about Iranian women was made more for the sake of being able to jab at Ama-what’s-his-name than to say I thought it was impossible for there to be hot Iranian women.

    Obviously, all the variations of humanity can produce beautiful women.

    Despite my reputation for digging only large-breasted, long haired blondes, I do, in fact, find all kinds of different women attractive: white, black, all the different kinds of Asians, Latinos (or Hispanics or whatever the politically correct term is nowadays), Native Americans, Inuits, Arabs, Persians, etc., etc., etc…

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