Posted by: nhfalcon | October 15, 2008

100 Songs

For those of you who are that bored 🙂 I have finished my Top 100 Songs list. Just click on the tab at the top of the screen…



  1. HEY! Nice job! How long did it take you? I did mine over the course of about a month. Unlike my movie list, which I’m compiling ten items at a time over a series of Ten Things Tuesday posts, I knocked out the song list in one shot.

  2. Oh, I don’t know… A week or so? I went through all the songs I had downloaded on my desktop, then on my laptop, then through my CD collection in the house, and then the CD collection in the car. If I’d had access to all the cassettes and LPs I own, I might have had to make the list a Top 150. I’ve already thought of songs that I missed that could’ve easily made this list.

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