Posted by: nhfalcon | September 30, 2008

Much Grass

No, I’m not referring to the state of my lawn, nor to the size of my stash of Sao Paulo northslope tripweed.

I’m Americanizing the Spanish phrase “muchas gracias,” and I’m directing these profound thanks to mis amigos, the Chilis, and mi familia, specifically my father and father-in-law.

Why? Because the Chilis helped Cookiemaker and I finish packing up the old Eyrie this past Sunday, and because Dad and Dad-in-law helped us unpack it into a storage unit near the new Eyrie.

Oh, and another set of thanks to Mother Nature for keeping Kyle far enough away to not be a hindrance to the whole proceeding.

From the bottom of our hearts, everybody, THANK YOU!!!



  1. You’re welcome, Honey. Friends don’t let friends move alone.

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