Posted by: nhfalcon | August 21, 2008

Git Yer Shitkickers On, Y’All

We’z goin’ country, yee-haw!

Once upon a time I held country music in utter comtempt and disdain, mostly because of songs like this.

In recent years, however, I’ve revised my opinion as I’ve become more and more exposed to it. Now that I work for a self-confessed redneck girl, sometimes I have to listen to it for eight or nine hours in a row – and I’m finding that I like most of it! What really strikes me about it is the diversity of topics country song lyrics are about. As much as I love eighties hard rock, I’m perfectly willing to admit that those songs are mostly about either, sex, love, partying, or some combo of the three.

Country, on the other hand, can be about many things, such as…

a serious look at a father’s love for his daughter,

as well as a comical one,

and (as I’ve previously shown) a daughter’s love for her dad,

and let’s not forget sons and dads,

it can be very patriotic,

and it can be heartbreakingly descriptive of the price of freedom,

it can also be ridiculously silly,

it can make you say, “I’m sorry, what was that title again?!”

It can reminisce in a funny way,

and in a sad way,

it can make you think about what is important in life,

and love,

it can give some serious girlpower,

it can do good covers of Songs I’m Ashamed to Admit I Like (and sometimes not-so-good ones),

and, oh yeah, it can cover a fair amount of partying and sex, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did I miss anything?



  1. Sorry – I just can’t bring myself to click through any of the links….

  2. You? Of all people, YOU… being close-minded?


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