Posted by: nhfalcon | August 16, 2008

ANOTHER Randomness Post?! Seriously?


* – gas prices actually dropped some more around here. Between home and work it’s as low as $3.73 a gallon now. If I wanted to go a bit out of my way, I’ve seen it as low as $3.68!

* – that being said, by the time Cookiemaker and I are ready for a new car, I’m seriously considering going with an alternative energy vehicle. Progress is seemingly being made with electric cars. Hell, I even caught this article recently on cars running on compressed air!

* – I recently had a little family reuniom with Cookiemaker, Little Man, my parents, my sister and her family, and my mother’s sister and her husband. During the reunion my father mentioned this giant expanse of junk in the middle of the Pacific. Not that I’m in the habit of disbelieving my Dad, but I was nevertheless shocked when I saw this article confirming the existence of this proof of humanity’s horrific disregard of Mother Earth.

Look, I’m anything but a card-carrying member of Greenpeace or PETA. I’ve never been out and about screaming “Save the whales!” or kissing any trees, but this is ridiculous.

I’m ashamed to be a human being.

* – oh, by the way, that country music video I tried to give you all a YouTube link to that now doesn’t work was for a Brooks & Dunn song called “Play Something Country.” If you like hot women dancing – even if you can’t stand country – it’s worth searching for on YouTube or Google Video.

* – and, oh, by the way, country music did it to me again. I’ve mentioned before how this genre’s got a knack for producing heartbreaking songs. Well, the other day at work I heard this song by Crystal Shawanda:


Jesus! Just rip my heart out, why don’t you?!

(just to go back to being my usual jerk-wad self for a moment, at the risk of sounding racist, is it just me, or is Shawanda not a name you would expect a country artist to have? Maybe a hip-hop artist… šŸ™‚ )

* – does anybody else hate these “Cruise into Irving and cruise in to win” commercials? Especially “Kathy,” the exceptionally annoying spokeswoman for the whole campaign?

* – here’s a movie that I keep seeing trailers for on ESPN, yet otherwise seems to be getting zero press. It actually looks like it’s going to be pretty good.

* – the rumor mill is already swirling about the next Batman film. Apparently, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are being considered to play Catwoman and The Riddler, respectively.

A couple of pretty good choices, I have to admit. I’m not the biggest Jolie fan. I think she’s completely overrated as a hottie, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, but the few things I’ve seen her in (like Mr & Mrs Smith) give me the opinion she’s a decent actress. She certainly has the look to play Catwoman. I might even go so far as to say that, in that regard, she’s a better choice than Michelle Pfieffer was.

I’m not a big Depp fan, either. The only things I can honestly say I’ve seen him in are the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and 21 Jump Street (I know, I know – “Eighties’ child!” šŸ™‚ ). That being said, he’s been good in what I’ve seen him in, and he also has the right look for The Riddler, perhaps even more so than Jim Carrey.

* – in the same vein, apparently Jolie has been consulting with – get this – porn star Tera Patrick about playing the role of Catwoman.

Ummm… why?

I mean, I’m not up on the latest details of the DC universe, but the last time I checked, fellatio was not one of Catwoman’s powers. šŸ˜‰



  1. Yes, but being able to walk and talk like a porn star is pretty much a given for anyone playing a character from any mainstream graphic world that isn’t Neal Gaiman’s.

    The Traitor is being pushed HARD in preivews in movie theatres. I’ve only seen the trailer in theaters but I’ve seen it like 3 times. I don’t like Don Cheadle but it still looks like a decent movie.

    I enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith immensely. Total new guilty pleasure, totally want to see the sequel. However, there was no acting in it. At all.

    FYI, you should check out what Greenpeace and PETA have to say. That hunk of junk in the middle of the ocean is…well, the tip of the iceberg.

  2. I saw the trailer for Traitor ahead of a film Mr. Chili and I saw this summer (which film we saw, I’m ashamed to say right now, I can’t recall). I immediately came home and googled the hell out of it to see when it was coming out and, until recently, the release date was only “Summer, 2008.” I’m very much looking forward to it – I like don Cheadle and I LURVE action/adventure/espionage movies.

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