Posted by: nhfalcon | July 28, 2008

It’s All About The Randomness

it certainly seems that way with me lately, doesn’t it?

* – I can’t believe the (mostly) liberal media is actually starting to admit that we’re winning the war in Iraq.

* – well, here’s a neat idea!

* – I saw this book at the local Border’s last night and damn near bought it…













because somebody has to explain this freaking phenomenon to me!

* – Cookiemaker and I went out to eat at a highly regarded seafood place last night (her parents had taken Little Man up north for the overnight), and the placemats on our tables touted the nutritional value of lobster. Apparently the ugly red crustacean is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than lean beef or skinless chicken or turkey, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and also loaded with Vitamin B12 (among other things).


Doesn’t mean I’m gonna eat a lot of it. For one thing, it’s mother-effing expensive, and, as I believe I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I just don’t like it very much. But still – huh!

* – I’m assuming we’re all familiar with the Katy Perry song “I Kissed A Girl” by now, aren’t we? If not, here’s a link. What I’m finding amusing about this tune is a line in the lyrics:

“I kissed a girl and I liked it / I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it”

First of all, as I’m sure Mrs. Chili would point out, the proper phrase would be “I hope my boyfriend doesn’t mind it,” but that’s not my major point here…

My major point here is – are you frickin’ kidding me?! MIND IT?!?!?! He’d f#*king love it!!! He’d be kicking himself that he missed it! He’d be begging you to do it again so he could watch it! Preferably with a video camera in hand! He’d be encouraging it! He’d be encouraging you to explore more of your sapphic yearnings. “No, it’s OK, honey. Really, it is. I swear I don’t mind. In fact, why stop at kissing? Why not go further?” There’s not a man I’ve known in my life who wouldn’t love to see his girlfriend / fiancee / wife getting her freak on with another woman. Shit, I’ve been working on Cookiemaker for ten years now on this and even though I haven’t succeeded yet, I shall never surrender!

Why do you think the following episode of Seinfeld (“The Pool Guy,” if you must know) had the exchange about eight minutes in between Jerry and Elaine:

[livevideo id=7FFDD664553C4B18ABBCA4DC026999CA]

As long as I’m on the Seinfeld kick, why do you think George was unable to remain “master of his domain” given the temptation given to him about two minutes or so into this clip:

Why do you think this was a popular commercial?

So popular, in fact, that it spawned this sequel:

Have I made my point yet?

Are you sure?

Absolutely sure?

Cuz, you know, I have more video as evidence if need be… 🙂



  1. Winning the war in Iraq? Has somebody finally come up with a definition of winning the stupid thing and I missed it? We are paupering our country, we are losing our young folks, we have created a nest of vipers where before there was just a run-of-the-mill shitheel dictator. I don’t think “liberal” vs. “conservative” even matters here.

    I, for one, get nothing out of “sapphic” displays. I don’t care to see anyone else doing sexual things at all. If it ain’t me, it ain’t shit.

    I like lobster, I ain’t that fond of the messy process of dismembering and eating a too-hot-too-handle boiled one. Give me the meat, then I’ll eat.

  2. I do enjoy seeing attractive women, so the commercials were okay, but the part where they (like 99.999% of all media today) depicted the two white guys as a couple of beer-swilling, insensitive boors. I thought of the first commercial as a “last date” scene there in the bar.

    Oh, year, Miller Lite is swill.

  3. I’m pretty sure this Kate whosee chick is covering a Jill Sobule song that’s been out for YEARS. The hoopla seems a little…belated to me.

  4. Kizz: the two songs are completely different. I’ve never heard the Sobule song, but I looked up the lyrics online. COMPLETELY different!

    TwoBlue: you’ve once again proven that you are a different breed of cat – at least amongst the male felines I’ve met in my lifetime. The VAST majority of guys I’ve met enjoy watching a woman have sex, even if they’re not directly involved in the process. Sure, they’d prefer to be the one doing the deed (and so would I), but if they can’t be, they’ll settle for watching.

    In fact, they don’t don’t even care what said woman is having sex with – another guy, another girl, herself, an inanimate object, whatever – just so long as she’s having sex.

    TwoBlue (Part Two): I suppose it does depend upon your definition of “victory.” As I understood it, we (the U.S. of A.) had three major reasons for invading Iraq: 1) Iraq’s possession of WMD’s 2) removing Saddam Hussein from power because of his track record of human rights violations and his general tendency to be a disruptive influence in the region and 3) eliminating Iraq as a base of operations for international terrorism (much like our major reason for invading Afghanistan) by replacing Hussein’s regime with a democracy.

    The whole WMD thing pretty much blew up in our faces (pardon the pun). The big “smoking gun” G. W. was looking for never materialized, though, if I were to grasp at straws, there were instances that showed that Hussein never fully complied with the peace treaty that ended the first Gulf War in terms of weapons the Iraqi military was allowed to have. We did find missiles that were capable of flying further than they were supposed to under the treaty, and also missiles that were capable of carrying warheads that they weren’t supposed to, for example. If I REALLY wanted to grasp at straws, I would also point out that there are large quantities of WMD-grade material that we knew Iraq had that still haven’t been accounted for. Just because we haven’t found them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    Removing Saddam from power and establishing a democratic government has been a success. Saddam is dead, his sons are dead, the Baath party is irrelevant, and, according to the article I linked to in this post, life is calming down in Iraq.

    No, it’s never been proven that there was a link between Saddam’s regime and Al-Qaida, but people seem to forget that after 9/11 Bush declared a War on Terror, not a War on Just Al-Qaida. And if you think just because Saddam didn’t (as far as we can prove) have a relationship with Al-Qaida he didn’t have a relationship with any anti-American international terrorism at all, you’re being a bit naive.

    So, to quote Meatloaf, two outta three ain’t bad.

  5. Okay, here goes . . .

    First of all—I have never been interested in others’ sex lives. I am not a prude, but it is my own activity in this arena which interests me.

    Next—I have this sort of “protector” attitude when it comes to women. Patronizing and paternalistic? Maybe. Bad intentions. No.

    Fifth— I think it is a wonderful thing that people love each other. Their expressions of such love to each other aren’t a circus act, in my view of things.

    B— I really don’t like hearing about others’ voyeuristic/pornographic sexual preferences. Hey, we all have thoughts in our heads on a variety of topics which, if revealed, might get us socially ostracized, divorced, or even incarcerated, but, well, I ain’t sharing mine.

    Secondly— Yes, you can say what you want, but I admit being put off by it. I know there are lesbians who wouldn’t give a shit (and Indians who don’t mind the idiotic name “Redskins” for a football team). That is them. This is me.

    Lastly (I think that’s the number I’m up to): I think you could look in on my blog more, and maybe throw in a few choice jabs, but you don’t have to.

    Thirdly—what are the Falcons gonna do now?

  6. Welcome back, TwoBlue. Good to see you again.

    Re: First of all – I, too, far prefer to participate than to watch, but I’ve never quite grown out of the vicarious, voyeuristic aspect of being a teenage boy. Maybe someday, but not likely. 🙂

    Re: Next – I don’t find being protective of women patronizing or paternalistic. Noble, perhaps? Chivalric, even?

    Re: Fifth – this is an interesting point, and if the actions I enjoy watching were the result of me being a peeping tom spying on a couple (homosexual or otherwise) who were making love, then I would agree with you wholeheartedly.

    However, as I mentioned in my “So, Why Porn?” post, not all sexual encounters are the product of love. Many, if the success of the porn industry is any indicator, occur solely for the purpose of the sexual gratification of others. If those performing such acts for such purposes are doing so of their own free will, and I choose to be one of the “others’ then I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong.

    Re: B – not sharing is your choice, and I respect it. I chose to share mine in this case, and, as I pointed out over at Chili’s, I’ve had to put on my big boy pants as a result.

    Re: Secondly – like B, I respect that choice, as well.

    Re: Lastly – I have been checking in more often lately, but so far I’ve just been lurking. Don’t be put off by that. I don’t even comment at Chili’s every day.

    Re: Thirdly – the Falcons are gonna suck this year. I figure two to five wins, last place in their division, and another Top Five draft pick next year. The current regime has laid a little bit of a nice foundation, I think, but it’ll be a couple of years before it reaches fruition.

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