Posted by: nhfalcon | June 30, 2008


Well, the Falcon clan has moved to a new eyrie. Last Saturday Cookiemaker and her father helped me load up a 17-foot U-Haul truck with just over two rooms full of stuff (mostly the master bedroom and Little Man’s room) and drive it almost 90 miles to our new digs. While Cookiemaker stayed behind to clean up (you would NOT believe how much dust had accumulated in various hard-to-reach areas, especially around where the computer had been), my dad-in-law and I, with the help of my father, moved everything in, and now we’re pretty much settled.

The move went much better than I had expected. Once the decision had been made to move, the entire process leading up to actual day had seemed very half-assed to me. I never like moving in the best of times, but something about this one had had me very stressed out. With Cookiemaker an hour-and-a-half away five days a week at work and me working in retail, we really couldn’t help each other pack up very much, and we hardly ever saw each other enough to talk about what the plan was. I was NOT looking forward to June 21st!

As it has always happened whenever I have moved, however, everything went off without a hitch. It took us three hours to pack up the truck and Cookiemaker’s car, two hours to make the drive, and about thirty minutes to unload everything. I shuddered a bit at the bill from u-haul and what it cost to fill the tank of that beast, but other than that it was a pretty smooth day.

We now live in my in-law’s condo. Their house is about another hour-and-a-half north, but mom-in-law teaches in this area, so the condo saves her from a hellish commute during the school year. She’ll have her own room, Little Man will have his, and Cookiemaker and I will have our’s. Cookiemaker’s job is now only twenty miles or so away, and I will soon be transferring to a job that will only be eight miles away! Not only that, but even though this job is retail, I won’t be working nights! The store is open from 9 – 6 Monday through Saturday and 11 – 5 on Sunday. How cool is that?! I’ll actually get to see my family more often than not! Holy crap! What a concept! To top it all off, my parents are only six miles away.

The move was mostly financially motivated. Childcare is over $200/month cheaper in this area compared to the old eyrie. God(dess) only knows how much money we’ll be saving in gas. My transfer comes with a small raise. Most importantly, however, is that Cookimaker’s family isn’t asking for any rent! The lease on our old apartment won’t run out until October, but after that we will be saving some serious cash! In the meantime, the old place will act as a storage unit (albeit an expensive one) that will allow us to finish the move in a relatively leisurely fashion.

I will miss the friends from the old eyrie, though they’re not really an impossible distance away. Nonetheless, we do have our families close by, the money to be saved couldn’t be passed up, and Cookimaker and I both graduated from the high school in the town (I was the Class of ’87, she was the class of ’91), so we do have friends up here, too.

Wish us luck!



  1. Congratulations and enjoy that sweet new commute!

  2. Oh, Honey – MORE than luck! While I’m sad that you’re moved away, the fact of the matter is that we’ll likely see you just as much now as we did when you lived in the same area code. Which reminds me – are you guys coming down for Fourth of July? We’ve built up quite the little tradition, and it’d be nice to have one more year…

  3. Unfortunately, Mrs. C., I’m working on the the 4th itself, as well as the Saturday and Sunday after. Have fun with Bowyer, Tonks, the little Chilis, and Mr. Chili and the in-laws without us. We’ll be thinking of you and wishing we were with you!

  4. Hope all goes well. Moving is never easy, physically or emotionally.

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