Posted by: nhfalcon | June 3, 2008

Well It’s About Damn Time!!!

Holy crap! It’s been almost a month since the last time I posted?!?!?! Damn! Sorry about that. Isn’t it funny how life gets in the way sometimes? Work, family, friends, bills, etc, etc, etc…?

Anyway, I finally got some time to myself again, so here I am, throwing out some random observations just to let you know I’m still alive…

* – the Falcon flock is moving in with the in-laws in about three weeks. I’ll be transferring to a new store in about four to six weeks. The Missus and I will be scouting for a new daycare for the little Falcon in about two weeks or so. I hate the hassle of moving, and don’t particularly care for leaving this group of friends, but there’s money to be saved, family close by where we’re going, and another group of friends we can reunite with, so it’s not all bad.

* – talk about going through opposite ends of the emotional spectrum in a flash! This past Saturday Cookiemaker’sold college roommate got married. Then last night her father called her to tell her her grandmother had passed away. It was quick, peaceful, and not unexpected, but dealing with a death in the family is still dealing with a death in the family.

* – as if that wasn’t bad enough, she had to get the news while she was on the road. Her work has her holed up in a hotel three-plus hours away to go through training, and she got the call while in her room. She spent all last week there (except for Memorial Day, of course), and has to spend all this week there, too. Miraculously, Little Man is surviving with only me to look after him. I guess I’m a bit better at being a dad than I though I was.

* – I finally got certified to teach in the state I live in! I received the document a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m just waiting for my certification in the state we’re moving to. I believe that will be in the mailbox any day now. I’ve been sending out a flurry of application packets lately, so here’s hoping!

* – I recently got a little gig on the side writing for the website Consensus Draft Services. It’s not much money (if any at all), but i gets me back in the game and could lead to something bigger down the road, I suppose. Hey, it’s one more thing to slap on the ol’ resume.

* – here’s another little pet peeve of mine when it comes to working in jewelry sales – the infamous line of “Do you know how much money I’ve spent in your store?!” Customers like to throw that out as some kind of threat when things aren’t going their way and think they can intimidate us into breaking the rules just for them, because they’ll take their business elsewhere if we don’t.

Newsflash, a-holes: not only do I not know how much money you’ve spent, I DON’T CARE! FUCK YOU! Even if you have spent all this money with us – which, nine times out of ten, you haven’t – that doesn’t make you special or any better than any of the customers we have who haven’t spent a lot of money with us. All it tells me is you’re an arrogant prick who thinks money is the only thing that matters in life.

* – in the mall I work at, there’s a Sprint store right across the hall that has four big-screen TV’s(I’m not exactly sure why, to be honest). Ninety-nine percent of the time, they have ESPN on. In the past couple of days they’ve filled the slow time during the middle of the day with women’s college fast-pitch softball and the national spelling bee championship.

Exactly how is spelling considered a sport? And who thought it was a good idea to televise it? Do people actually watch it? And if they do, who thought it was a good idea to put 5th, 6th, and 7th graders under the spotlight of national television? No pressure, kids, no pressure at all!

I don’t know if I’d want to set foot in the batter’s box against these softball pitchers. They can clock over 80 mph – underhand! John Kruk, currently a baseball analyst for ESPN and a former major league All-Star looked foolish when he tried to hit one of these young women on a lark.

* – to wrap up, I’m gonna steal a post from Mrs. Chili. She’s started to do her Top 100 favorite movies, and that inspired me to do mine. I don’t know if I’ll hit a hundred, and I’m not about to try right here right now, but here’s ten, anyway…

1) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. All three of the LotR films were great, and I know The Return of the King won all those Oscars, but I like FotR the best. I think it deviated from the books the least, and I had waited for it for over twenty years, so it resonated with me the most.

2) Lethal Weapon. The first LW was easily the best, imho. The last three became comedies, while the first one was a gripping drama. I loved the character of Martin Riggs, and the fight scene between Riggs and Mr. Joshua was outstanding.

3) True Lies. Easily Arnie’s best film, in my opinion. Funny, plenty of action. Tom Arnold almost steals the movie, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ stripper scene was hilarious and yet hot at the same time (she looked pretty damn good in that bra and thong for a woman her age!).

4 & 5) American Pie & American Pie II. Oh my god were these movies funny! I couldn’t believe the second was as good as the first. The franchise has gone downhill since, but the first two were excellent. I saw the original at a bachelor party, and it couldn’t have possibly been a more perfect movie to see for the occasion.

That’ll do for now. Hopefully I’ll be posting on a more regular basis in the future.




  1. “Ballsy. STUPID, but ballsy”

  2. The best line in the movie, Mrs. C., and one if the best lines in movie history.

  3. It’s about damn time!

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