Posted by: nhfalcon | May 6, 2008

Can You Feel The Randomness?

* – for those of you who care about the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons, and / or the NFL Draft, here’s my review of the Falcons’ draft this past April 26th & 27th.

* – oh, btw, did I mention I’ve started a new blog devoted entirely to the Draft?

Yes, I know – I have no life. 🙂

* – as long as we’re talking about my lack of a life, I’m very psyched that Whitesnake has released a new album! It came out back on April 22nd, and it ROCKS!!! This is the band’s first studio album in eleven years, and it was well worth the wait.

* – another artist soon to be releasing a new album is guitarist Gary Hoey. He was recently on my favorite radio morning show and played a track that will be on the album called “Only Human.” Trust me folks, this song is going to be a big hit.

* – in case you missed it, it is now official that there will be a “Hobbit” movie! Peter Jackson will not direct, but will be the executive producer. Guillermo del Toro of “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” fame will be the director, and Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis have confirmed that they will return to be Gandalf and Gollum, respectively. There will be two new films set in Middle Earth, actually, with one being “The Hobbit” and the other apparently covering the events that occur during the sixty years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


* – Cookiemaker, Little Man, and I saw “Horton Hears A Who” last Friday night. Good movie. Little Man enjoyed it and behaved himself very, very well. While there were many chuckle-worthy moments during the film, the only burst-out-laughing moment for Cookiemaker and I was of course a moment that Little Man didn’t get.

Move on to the next bullet if you don’t want to read any spoilers…

At the end of the movie, when Horton has succeeded in saving Whoville and everybody is about to live happily ever after, Horton – voiced by Jim Carrey – and the Mayor of Whoville – voiced by Steve Carrell – break out into an over-the-top duet version of REO Speedwagon’s “I Can’t Fight This Feeling.”

Frickin’ hilarious!

* – I know I’ve mentioned in at least one past post that you know you’re old when music you once thought rocked is now mall muzak fodder. Well, the other night I heard the mall I work in play “Stairway To Heaven,” “Walk This Way,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” They also played “Silent Lucidity” from Queensryche and “Photograph” from Def Leppard. Effing kill me! “Pyromania,” the album “Photograph” is from, was the first hard rock / heavy metal album I ever bought, and now it’s mall muzak?!

* – I had another confirmation of my advancing age when I tried to get something to drink from the mall’s Gloria Jeans. All I wanted was a coffee, preferably large. No such thing any more. Not only is there no such thing anymore, but it’s nigh on impossible to afford what they do have. I had four bucks. I could only afford a small mocharetto “esspression” – whatever the hell that was. I literally had to ask the kids behind the counter what the hell I had just ordered. I felt like Dennis Leary, for chrissakes! What the hell happened to just plain coffee? When I jokingly asked them if they knew what just plain coffee was, they said no.

I think they were just kidding…

* – Let’s go back to me having no life again, shall we? For some reason – I have no idea why – I find cephalapods fascinating, especially big squid. Six days ago CNN had an article on its website about the colossal squid. Did you realize this thing has eyes the size of soccer balls? And that scientists believe the ones they’ve found aren’t even indicative of just how big they may grow? Holy crap!

* – maybe I should start paying attention to the sport of cricket… 😉

* – finally, a word on the moving front. We haven’t had much luck finding anyone to take over for us (though Mrs. Chili just sent me an email saying she has a friend who may be interested), but we’re going to move out anyway. If we have to, we’ll just use the apartment as a $940/month storage unit until October ends. We’ll gradually be moving stuff to Cookimaker’s parents’ in the meantime, with the goal of being more-or-less completely moved out of our current residence by June 23rd. We’re already saving some money on a monthly basis because our tax return allowed us to pay off my Sunfire, so now we don’t have any car payments. Childcare in the in-laws’ state averages about $200/month less than what we’re paying now, so that will save us some more money. It also just dawned on me the other day that our utility bills will at least dramatically decline, if not disappear altogether (I’m still not clear on all of the details of this upcoming living arrangement). Sometime in July I should be transferring to a store in a mall closer to the in-laws’, so gas and toll expenses should also decline / disappear. Then, come the end of October (if not sooner), we’ll stop paying rent.

The only uncertainty comes from if I get a teaching job in my current state of residence sometime in the near future, then the gas and toll expenses come back. However, given that if I get teaching job in my current state of residence I could see my personal income increase by half again as much as I’m currently making, or possibly even double, I’d call that a good problem to have.



  1. DO get in touch with Greg – he’s currently sleeping on someone’s couch….

    Let me know how it goes!


  2. I went to a cricket match in Bath, England, once. It makes soccer look exciting–and soccer puts me to sleep.

  3. Mrs. C., I contacted Greg via email. He responded the other night saying he’d already found other arrangements.

    TwoBlue, my wife and spent a day in Bath as part of our honeymoon in England. For the most part we just checked out the ancient Roman baths, but we though it was a pretty charming little town.

    I’ve never seen a cricket game live, but I’ve seen clips of them (usually when Cookiemaker’s watching one of her British TV shows on PBS), and I have to admit that I have no frickin’ clue as to what the hell is going on. I, too, would have an easier time watching soccer, but give me good ol’ American football anytime! 🙂

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