Posted by: nhfalcon | March 6, 2008

Minor Bit of Randomness

* – so I had to take Little Man to his doctor the day before yesterday for his physical. We wound up in the waiting room for about an hour (which is very unusual for this doctor’s office) and towards the end I was getting frantic in my efforts to keep the little guy entertained, so I wound up grabbing a copy of Nickelodeon magazine. Now, I realize that this magazine is intended for children a little older than my son, but I still saw something in there that really just left me disappointed in what apparently amuses our children today.

There was a section of cartoons, one of which suggested a potential new Olympic event – snotrockets for distance. Ah, and just what is a snotrocket, you ask? Plug up one nostril, then exhale as forcefully and quickly as you can through the other one, thus turning anything in the open nostril into a projectile. Isn’t that a great thing to teach our kids?!

Now I know every generation has had it’s disgusting habits, some of which we still find amusing at some level today. Spitting, hocking a loogie, burping, farting, whatever. But don’t we as parents spend most of our time trying to teach our kids not to do those things (or at least to do them quietly and / or only in certain private places)? So do we really need a popular children’s magazine making our lives more difficult in that regard?

* – eventually we did leave the waiting room for an exam room, which of course meant we then waited for the nurse, and we she was done with us we had to wait for the doctor. As we were waiting for him I picked up a copy of AARP (hey, it was the only thing I could find) magazine and thumbed through it. According to the table of contents there was an article about sexuality (dealing with declining libido as you get older, etc…). When I turned to read the article, however, I saw that it had been torn out. I have to assume it was the doctor’s office that did the tearing.

Are we really that uptight about sex in this country? Are we so far gone about worrying who we might offend that we have to rip articles out of magazines in a doctor’s office? It was AARP for Christ’s sake, not Club. The article was intended to educate, not titillate.


* – oh, by the way, for those who care, I posted another article about the state of the Atlanta Falcons in my Sportingnews blog.

* – working in the mall I get to hear all sorts of wonderful muzak. Occassionally I get to hear songs that bring me back to my high school days, but usually not in a good way. Seriously, who gave Patrick Swayze the idea that he should sing

* – my favorite radio morning show has come up with a little bit that I just find funny as hell. They’ll come up with any excuse to say Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s name, which then prompts a voice with an over-the-top Middle Eastern accent to say the last name, which is then immediately followed by the “Mahna Mahna”song. So picture that song with “Ahmadinejad” replacing “mahna mahna.”

Too funny. 

And now, to paraphrase Paul Harvey, for the “breast” of the story…

* – speaking of flashbacks to high school, I miss Samantha Fox. Nice to know she’s still around, and even donating to charities.

* – here’s another great reason for all women to have large breasts – it can get you acquitted!

* – my wife and I went to England for our honeymoon, and have been pining to go back ever since we set foot on the plane for the flight home. We have tentative plans to go back with Bowyer and the Chilis during the London summer Olympics in 2012 (finances permitting), though the Olympics themselves are not the main draw.

I could spend all day giving you reasons why I want to go back to England, but this morning I stumbled across another one.

* – is it even possible for Victoria’s Secret to be too sexy?!



  1. It’ll be cheaper to go to London not during the Olympics.

    You listen to morning talk radio and you object to snotrockets? Seems a bit of a double standard to me.

    Chances are the article was ripped out by a patient who wanted to read it but didn’t want to be caught or who had to leave before they had a chance to finish it.

  2. The Nickelodeon magazine is why my girls don’t watch t.v.; that stuff is ALL OVER “kids” television shows. I catch a lot of shit for it, by my girls are only allowed to watch things like the food network, the Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet. Raising good kids IS hard, and I won’t have crap t.v. undermining our efforts.

  3. This is actually a rock radio station, Kizz, not talk radio. Granted, the quartet involved talk far more than they play music, and should probably be considered more as comedians than DJ’s, but it is a good show. Give ’em a listen sometime online at (Monday thru Friday from 5:30AM to 10AM).

    You might even get to hear the “Ahmadinejad” song! 🙂

  4. Hmmm, losing libido as you get older is a bad thing?

    In my “Frank’s Wild Years” phase, my libido cost me more, in many ways, than anything else.

    When I can I listen to NPR’s “Morning Edition.” I will not listen during “please send us some money” drives, so I only listen about one week out of the year.

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