Posted by: nhfalcon | February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII – As It Happens

So it’s about forty-five minutes until kickoff. Bowyer and Tonks were over earlier this afternoon with his boys along with the Chilis. We gorged on Chinese food and enjoyed each other’s company while watching the children romp about the apartment for a few hours until they all had to leave – Bowyer and Tonks to get her moved in to his house and the Chilis to their home before Mrs. C.’s bad back caught up to her. Cookiemaker and Little Man are in the master bedroom watching Shrek 2 while I write this and sip a rum and coke.

Like last year, I’m going to try to blog about the big game live as it happens. I’ll comment about whatever pops into my head – plays, play-calling, officiating, my own prognosticating, the national anthem, the halftime show, the commercials – whatever. It will be interesting to see how the latest Spygate allegations affect the Patriots and how the Pats’ attempt to trademark “19 – 0” affect the Giants. My prediction for the game? Patriots 30 – Giants 20.

On with the show…


Nothing spectacular during the little bit of pregame hype I’ve seen. The Declaration of Independence piece was nice, and getting Pat Tillman’s widow to be a part of it was touching. So Jordan Sparks is going to do the National Anthem, huh? Who’s she? Ah, some American Idol winner. That’s why I don’t know her.

Wow – Bill Belichick got a new hoodie. Anyway…

Hmmm, Miss Sparks it pretty good. Definitely better than Billy Joel was last year.

Mike Carey will be the first black refer in Super Bowl history.

The Giants win the toss and will receive.

Here we go…


 1st Quarter 

Surprised Junior Seau was on the field on a 3rd and 6.

Pats showing good run defense so far.

Eli’s facing the blitz with good composure.

Two Pats injured on that last play as we went to commercial. I think one of them was Rodney Harrison.

Ah, the other one was Randall Gay.

Jeez! Brandon Jacobs just leveled Brandon Merriweather.

Tom Petty’s gonna do the halftime show? Oh, just color me thrilled! NOT!

The Giants have already eaten up half of this first quarter.

Eli’s looking really good here.

Third and 10. Gotta hold…

Nice! Hold ‘em to a field goal!

43 yard return by Maroney. Surprising to see him returning kicks.

A gimmick on the first play? What the hell?!

I know he’s only thrown two passes, but Brady looks shaky.

Shotgun on 3rd and three? Well, it worked.

Faulk should’ve caught that.

Pass interference at the goalline! YES!!!


 2nd Quarter 

A whole quarter gone by and not one remarkable commercial – good or bad.

TOUCHDOWN! Maroney! Good second effort.

Way to go on the kickoff, Gostkowski. L

I cannot believe Toomer caught that. Poor pass defense there.

Oh, there was offensive pass interference by Toomer on that catch!

INTERCEPTION!!! YES!!! Ellis Hobbs!

Dammit! Nice “D” by the Giants. Give ‘em credit.

SACK! All right!

FUMBLE!!! Sloppy handoff, but Pierre Wood can’t hold on to it.

Wow, the Pats “D” seems pretty fired up now.

OK, that commercial was pretty freaky. The LifeWater one wasn’t much better.

Damn, Brady gets sacked on the blitz.

Jesus! Where’s the protection here? Give the Giants “D” credit for matching fire with fire.

Hey, yeah – where the hell has Randy Moss been?

What a FAST first half this has been.

Sack! Fumble! Flag for… ? Illegal forwarding of the ball against the Giants. Third and 18.

Almost picked by Randall Gay! The Giants are missing too many opportunities here. They should be thanking God for their defense.

OK, dumb commercial, but I have no problem with Justin Timberlake getting the snot kicked out of him.

OK, the Doritos commercial with the mouse beating the snot out of the guy was FUNNY!

The Pats should be running here, not throwing. They have just under two minutes and three timeouts. Run a little, huh?

JESUS H. CHRIST! WTF?!?!?! Where’s the vaunted “O”?

First down!

Nice run by Faulk, but what’s the flag… ?

FUCK! Offensive holding.

There’s Moss!

FUCKING A!!! Fumble! Giants get the ball! Dammit, Tom, get rid of the ball!

Patriots need to find a way to adjust Brady’s protection and get a push in the running game to pull away in the second half.



God, I hate Tom Petty’s whiny, nasally frickin’ voice. Gimme a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction anytime.

Yawn. Snort. Huh? What? The halftime show is over? Good.

So that Pats will be without starting RG Stephen Neal in the second half, huh? Great. Just great.


 3rd Quarter 

Let’s see what Tom Terrific and Co. can do in the second half…

Good start with the pass to Welker.

Looks like New England is trying to use TE Kyle Brady as an extra pass protector.

Damn! Faulk’s short of the 1st.

OK, that Shaq Vitamin Water commercial was stupid.

Belichick is challenging whether or not the Giants had twelve men on the field during that last punt. This could be crucial…

The Bud Light “Wheel suck!” commercial was funny.

These CareerBuilder ads are really creepy.

YES! Pats get the ball back for twelve men on the field! Nice call, Bill!

Crap! False start on Matt Light.

God, I hate the WR screen!

YES! First down on a 3rd and 13!

Yeesh! Maroney’s having a horrible game.

FUCK! Another sack!

Going for it on 4th and 13?! What the fuck?! Stupid call. Yes, it would have been a long field goal, but…

Not only am I starting to doubt my score prediction, I’m starting to doubt my “who will win the game” prediction.

Great, now the Pats might be without Kevin Faulk.

Nice play by Asante Samuel there.

C’mon, hold on 3rd and 6…

Nice play by Randall Gay!

The Pats should also be thanking God for their “D.”

I’m sure Mrs. C. really just appreciated the vomiting baby e*trade commercial. J

OK, the Pats are on their own 10. They should run.

No, let’s start with a false start penalty instead. Terrific.

Maybe some designed rollouts or something to adjust for the Giants’ pass rush?

NICE catch by Welker!

Jeez! Only two minutes left in the third quarter already? What a fast game!

Have I mentioned I love Wes Welker?

What is with these false starts? Come on!


 Again – I HATE the WR screen! Especially on 3rd and f#*king 15!


4th Quarter 


The Pats are letting the Giants hang around to long. I don’t like this at all…

I don’t know who I’d pick to be the MVP of this game. Justin Tuck, perhaps?

Fuck! Long pass to Kevin Boss. Here we go…

What’s up with the refs saying “We’re done” at the end of every paly? The whistle isn’t enough?

Steve Smith just faked Randall Gay out of his jockstrap.

SHIT! Giants take the lead.

Holding on the kickoff return. I get the bad feeling the Pats are about to implode here.

Maybe some hurry-up offense just to try to mess with the Giants?

FUCK! Pats have to punt.

The Pats need a turnover – BAD!

OK, that Gatorade commercial was effing dumb.

Thank God Eli blew that throw!

Stop on 3rd and 9 – YES!

What’s this stoppage for? Ah – technical issues with the clock.

Maybe Brady’s got a little rhythm now.

Come on baby, come on baby, come on baby…

FUCK! Brady had Moss wide open!

I’m sorry, but when you have first and goal, you should try to run at least once.


Jeez – I thought Junior Seau and Tedy Bruschi were gonna kiss there for a second.

OK, this isn’t over yet. Don’t get cocky. There’s 2:45 left, the Giants have three timeouts plus the two minute warning.

NICE play on the kickoff return.

1:59 away from perfection – can they hold?

Short by a foot or so. They’re going for it.

How’d the Giants magically get six seconds back on the clock? That could be crucial.

Oh! Samuel just missed a pick.

Oh, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?! How does Manning escape that sack?!

The Giants are down to one timeout with 59 seconds left.

Zero timeouts with 51 seconds left.

Merriweather just missed a pick.

Oh my God, are you kidding me?! Plaxico Burress with the go ahead touchdown.

OK, thirty-five seconds and three timeouts. Let’s go.

Props to the Giants – they played a great game. They deserve this.


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