Posted by: nhfalcon | January 20, 2008

Randomness! My Kingdom for Some Randomness!

* – I just scored this from Barnes & Noble’s website. Bowyer was the first person to tell me about it, and allowed me to borrow it and give it a listen. It’s a great set. It retails in the stores for $129.99. After my B&N membership discount, a 25% off coupon I got in the mail, and two B&N gift cards Cookiemaker and I received for Christmas, I paid $19.14

To quote Kuzco from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove (which has been Little Man’s favorite thing to watch lately), “Ha! Boom, baby!”

* – In order to take advantage of a 30-cents-off-per-gallon coupon I had gotten from spending x amount of money at a local grocery store, I had to go inside the gas station / convenience store to pay for the gas. As I was waiting in line I noticed that the establishment sold some sort of “slushy”-type drink. The sizes offered? “Small,” “Medium,” “Large,” and “I Can’t Feel My Head.”


* – I’ve started another blog over at the Sporting News. It’ll be purely sports related, most likely just football, though I may occasionally throw in some baseball or other sports on occassion. Right now the only post over there is a version of “The State of My Namesake” from this blog, but stay tuned…

* – a while back I predicted a New England versus New Orleans Super Bowl. At least I was half right, huh? Actually, if the New York Giants beat the Packers, can I claim I was three-quarters right?

* – the weather conditions for the two NFL Championship games can best be described as frickin’ frigid! So frigid, in fact, that Mike McCarthy, the head coach of Green Bay, had his team practice with footballs stored overnight in freezers to simulate gametime conditions. Now, Brett Favre may be 38  years old, but he still has a cannon for an arm. I would hate to be catching frozen footballs from him!

* – American Idol fever is starting to sweep the nation again. I am very proud to say that not only have I never seen an episode of Idol, I have never seen an episode of any “reality” show ever, and, so help me god, I never will.

* – Mrs. Chili had a very interesting post about religion and such a few days ago. While she didn’t talk about what her take on god is there, I will here.

I don’t believe in God. I just can’t. I’ve seen too many things that just reinforce to me that the Christian New Testament concept of God is highly unlikely to me.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of a god, however. I can certainly wrap my head around the idea of a higher being out there somewhere – male, female, or other – who started this ball rolling. Science may say the Big Bang started it all, but what created the Big Bang, right?

Let me put it another way. My friend Rascal is a devout Christian. Not a “I have to convert you or my life is incomplete” Christian, but a devout one. We were having a religious discussion one day, and I said to him, “Look, Rascal, thousands of years ago the Greeks and the Vikings and the Egyptians believed in Zeus and Poseidon and Odin and Thor and Ra and Isis as fervently as you believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Today we read those ancient myths and say, ‘Oh, what cute folktales.’ I’m willing to bet, thousands of years from now, if humanity as we know it still exists on this planet, people will look at Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and say, ‘Oh, what cute folktales.’ The point being, what makes you so right and those ancient cultures so wrong?”

Even if the higher being out there is God, isn’t the following Jon Stewart spin on things a possibility?: “I believe in God. I just think maybe God’s not watching out as closely for us as we might think. I mean, look, He created the world in six days five billion years ago. Don’t you think by now He’s moved on to another project? Did you ever think we’re just something shitty he threw together for his third-grade science fair? ‘He created us in his own image’ and He was just thinking, ‘Oh, sit! It’s due tomorrow! All right, gimme some styrofoam and some people!'”

* – Cookiemaker got a promotion at work, so send some hearty congrats her way, please. She’ll stay with the bank she’s been with for years, but in a different capacity. The job offers a pretty good raise up front and the potential for more down the road, which she wouldn’t have gotten if she had stayed put. The only potential downside is that the new job is about an hour away, so we’ll likely have to move. On the plus side, we’ll be closer to our parents, but the negative is that we’ll be further away from a lot of our friends.

* – am I the only the only one who appreciates a list like this? 🙂



  1. No, you’re not. Although I might be the only person looking at that list who is thinking, “Huh, I wonder how a porn star decides if her publicity photo will be boobs covered or uncovered?” and “Aw, that Eva Angelina (#23) is so cute! Nice outfit!”

    What did your friend SAY about the cute little folktale question?

    Yay for the promotion. Boo for the move. Sorry about that.

  2. Rascal didn’t have much of a response, Kizz, and I didn’t think he would. I mean, where do you go with that? It’s faith, pure and simple. There is no right or wrong there, there’s just “I believe” or “I don’t believe.”

    Hopefully the move will only be about halfway, because I have no intention (at the moment, anyway) of leaving my job. So the drives to our respective jobs should only be around a half-an-hour or so, as should the drives to our friends. The drives to the parent might be more around forty-five minutes to an hour.

    Eva Angelina may be cute in that promo shot, but “cute” is probably NOT the adjective you’d use to describe her by the time she’s done with one of her movies. 😉

  3. What I’ve never been able to figure out is why notions of deities came along to start with. If it were not for the terrible things “religionists” do rather frequently, I’d never give the subject a moment’s thought.

  4. I think deities came about in the beginning purely as a way for ancient man to explain the unexplainable. As man lived on, the idea of religion just became to traditional, to ingrained in the human psyche. Even now, as science has developed to the point where it can explain almost everything, religion is just to big a part of the human condition.

  5. I think deities came along as a sort of con-man angle about how to increase his/her power in a given society. A way to earn one’s keep without having to actually do anything, or face the risks of hunting, warring, etc. And tax-free!

    I really think all organized religion is a giant scam.

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