Posted by: nhfalcon | November 12, 2007

It’s Time For Some More Randomness, Isn’t It?

* – a while back I posted about a coffee shop with a great name – Jitters. I found another one today while I was out and about with Cookiemaker doing some Yuletide shopping for Little Man. The new shop’s name: Breaking New Grounds. 🙂

* – part of today’s shopping was done in the local Barnes & Noble. Nature called me while we were in there, and I wound up in the stall with the baby changing station. I was feeling warm, so I took off my leather jacket. Not wanting to put it on the floor (only the gods know what’s been on that floor!), I opened up the baby changing station to put my jacket on there.

Some joker who thought he was funny had put three porno mags in the baby changing station.

Look, I have no issue with porn. My friends and Cookiemaker – especially Cookiemaker 🙂 – will tell you I look at more than my share of it. Nevertheless, there is a time and a place for it, and in a baby changing station is not the place! If I didn’t have a child, I’ll admit I might have found it amusing. If it had been somewhere else in the restroom, I might have chuckled at it. I do have a child, however, and it wasn’t somewhere else in the restroom, so I just found it to be pathetic.

For the record, I took the three magazines, rolled them up in such a way so that it wasn’t obvious what type of magazines they were, found a B&N employee and handed him the magazines while explaining where I had found them.

Emphasizing profusely the whole time that wasn’t the one who put them there, of course! 🙂

* – bumble-on-crack.jpg

Is it just me, or does it look like if this thing could talk, it would say, “Hi, I’m a Bumble, and I just took some crack!”

To me, between the eyes, the smile, and the hand positioning, it looks like this thing is going, “Fucking WHEEE-HEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

Then again, maybe that’s just me – I’m a different breed of cat.

* – I know I’m just one of many in Red Sox nation, but here’s hoping they bring back Mike Lowell.

* – as long as we’re talking about the Sox, since they’ve brought back Tim Wakefield and Curt Schilling there’s been a lot of specualtion that they might go with a six-man rotation next year. Such a rotation would probably look something like Josh Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, Wakefield, Jon Lester, and Clay Bucholz.

What I was wondering was how feasible would it be to move Lester to the bullpen and make him the left-handed specialist? Any Peter Gammons / Sean McAdams types out there wanna take a swing at that one?



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! He DOES look like he’s on crack! It seems that you and I are of the same feline breed.

    BNG is an okay shop with a great name. Since I’m not a big coffee drinker, and they don’t have much else, it’s not really my thing. They do gelato in the summertime, which is wonderful – especially the chocolate-hazelnut variety – but I wish they offered more in the way of pastry-ish things…

  2. You know that B&N employee didn’t believe your for a second, right?


  3. No, he probably didn’t, Kizz.

    Then again, would a thief walk up to the rightful of the merchandise he’d just stolen and say, “Oh, by the way, I found these precious items of yours just lying around in the open?”

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