Posted by: nhfalcon | November 9, 2007

Do They Know It’s (NOT!) Christmastime At All?

I work at a local mall, as I’m sure I’ve alluded to many times in the past, at a jewelry store. I have every Monday and Tuesday off so I can be available to local schools as a substitute teacher. When I left work last Sunday, the mall I work in looked and sounded normal. When I returned on Wednesday?

Holy frankincense and myrrh, Batman!

November 7th and the whole mall is done up for Christmas. How done up? Let me count the ways:

* – the muzak being piped through the entire mall was nothing but Christmas carols.

* – some stores had already been decorated for the yuletide season, but now the whole mall is.

* – Santa Claus and his lap will be available for pics with the kiddies starting November 10th, and his little kingdom is all set up and waiting for him.

* – all the little seasonal kiosks that only show up at Xmastime are set up and rolling.

I have to comment on one of these kiosks. It’s called “Rudolph & Me” and sells Christmas Tree ornaments. Here’s the kicker – the people who run the place are, I’m fairly certain, of Arab descent. Is it just me, or does that seem odd? I realize that all religions transcend all races, and that Christmas isn’t really even all that religious of a holiday anymore for many people, but having people who are likely Muslim or possibly even Hindu selling Christmas tree ornaments just made me do a double-take when I saw it.

Another kiosk that needs commenting on is Hickory Farms. I LOVE Hickory Farms! Free samples of meat and cheese. YUM!

* – a store that had been a Halloween shop is gone and is now being replaced by a Christmas shop.

* – A mall security officer came around the other day and handed out the mall’s schedule for the upcoming holiday season. On Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, for those of you who didn’t know) the mall is going to open at 6 fucking AM!!! But wait – it gets worse! The Macy’s in the mall is going to open at 5AM and the JC Penney’s in the mall is going to open at – get this – four o’clock in the ever-loving morning!

Shouldn’t that be illegal?

* – Oh, before I forget, it’s not just the mall – Mother Nature had to do her part, too. As I was driving Little Man to his daycare at 8 o’clock this morning it was snowing!

Merry effing Christmas! 🙂



  1. “What the market will bear” it’s just too bad the market is butt ass stupid.

  2. It’s just wrong – on so many levels, it’s just wrong. I don’t think that Halloween and Christmas should touch, and I don’t want Christmas decorations until AT LEAST Black Friday. WTF?!

  3. Unfortunately, Kizz, and Mrs. C., the almighty dollar rules. Halloween and Christmas just beg to be exploited economically. Thanksgiving? Not so much. As a result, once Halloween is over, Christmas kicks in. Believe me, I dislike it even more than you do, being on the other side of the retail counter and all.

    As the all-knowing and ever-wise Bill Belichick would say, however, “it is what is.”

  4. A bit early for the Winter Solstice Holiday freakout, if you ask me. I refer to call it “Christmas” because, well, screw it, I think “Christianity” is a harmful myth, at best.

    But, on a lighter note, the winter solstice is real, reliable, and well worth celebrating, worth a few mugs of alcoholic beverages (like every other day of the year!).

    No malls for me. I’ve earned enough points lately not to have to enter one! Callo! Callay! Oh Frabjous Day!

  5. Geez, how did “refuse” (to call it Christmas)become “refer?” I’m getting to be a typing slob.

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