Posted by: nhfalcon | October 26, 2007

My Precious!

Those who know me are all too familiar with the fact that I am a JRR Tolkien geek. I belive I’ve even referenced that fact in past posts. Just to emphasize the point, though, let me give you some examples of how far my Middle Earth geekdom goes…

* – When it was announced that New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson were going to make the live-action films based on the books, I scoured the Net for hours every day thereafter looking for stories, spoilers, pictures, and videos.

* – When some “Frodo lives!” buttons were made available to stores as promotional items I scored some from a friend who worked in a bookstore and wore one to work on a daily basis – and I was working as a jewelry salesperson back then (even as I do now, though for a different store), so I was basically pimping the flicks for free.

* – I told my boss that I would need December 14th, 2001 off because that was the day The Fellowship of the Ring was being released into theaters. It didn’t matter that I worked in retail and it was less than two weeks before Christmas – I needed that day OFF, dammit!

* – I saw The Fellowship of the Ring three times the day it came it out. There were no midnight showings of the film around here (if there were, I would have gone), so I saw the first one around 11:30AM, the next one around 2:30PM, and the last one around 6PM or so. I remember during my very first viewing of the film having Nature call me very insistently sometime during the Council of Elrond scene and ignoring that call until the film was over. That’s tying a knot in it for around an hour-and-a-half, people!

* – after all three films had been released on extended edition DVD Bowyer, Mrs. and Mr. Chili, and I planned on spending a day watching all three films back-to-back-back. We met at the Chili’s early, had breakfast, popped in FotR, then had lunch, and then popped in TTT. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make through to RotK, but we did see it the next day.

* – I have a Tolkien “shrine” on top of a bookcase in the living room that measures roughly four feet long. It’s made up mostly of books by or about Tolkien, Middle Earth, and the Peter Jackson movies, but it also has The Hobbit on audio CD and a BBC Radio dramatization of LotR on audiocassette, as well as the Argonath statues and the Minas Tirith miniature that came with the extended edition DVDs of FotR and RotK. Due to a lack of space (that’s right – four feet isn’t long enough!), the DVDs themselves are on a different shelf, as are a DVD of Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of LotR and the VHS tapes of Rankin / Bass’ animated versions of The Hobbit and RotK.

Lately, however, I have been on an inexplicable Tolkien binge. I have watched the Jackson, Bakshi, and Rankin / Bass films repeatedly. I have watched the behind-the-scenes stuff on the Jackson film DVDs repeatedly. I’m reading LotR again (Gandalf the White is about to break Saruman’s staff). I’m listening to the BBC Radio dramatization in the car (Gandald the Grey just fell into the depths of Moria with the Balrog). I’m currently playing a video game on my PS2 called The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, which is based on the movies (trying to defeat the Balrog, even with Gandalf’s help, SUCKS!!!).

I think it’s only a matter of time before I start dreaming I’m Aragorn on my honeymoon with Arwen, and I don’t even think Liv Tyler’s that hot (not that I’d kick her out of bed for eating crackers… 🙂 ).

I, I can’t help myself…

It’s mine…

my own…





  1. I have all three movies, but I don’t have the neat-o extended DVD editions that you guys have, so no days’ worth of extras to watch. Dammit.

    You really are insufferable, you know…

    Oh, and you forgot to mention your ring….

  2. Insufferable?! Why am I insufferable?

    The ring Mrs. C. is referring to, btw, folks, was given to me by Cookiemaker a few Valentine’s Days back. It is an exact replica of the Ring of Barahir worn by Viggo Mortensen as Strider / Aragorn in the Peter Jackson films.

  3. I have a life-size Aragorn in my bonus room. He stands on top of the bass speaker that rattles when we play LOTR on the TV/surround sound. We decorate him for the holidays. Beads at Mardi Gras; kiss me I’m Irish at St. Pat’s; etc.

    My brother-in-law has a sword. A replica of Anduril, I think (can’t swear to it – but it is big, and heavy, and purty).

  4. Oh, yeah! I forgot about my sword. I have a replica of Narsil. They’re basically the same sword, the only difference being that Anduril has some designs on the blade and Narsil doesn’t.

    I like that it’s big and pretty, but was disappointed at how heavy it was. I realize it’s just a wall decoration, but, being a practioner of the medieval martial art of the longsword ,I know that real swords are actually quite light for their size.

    Yes, I am that anal that I look for historical accuracy in movies that feature Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Orcs, and Balrogs. 🙂

  5. There were a couple of things about the movie that really bugged me, but I still love them so. We tested out our surround sound with the scene where the dark riders leave the tower for the first time. AWESOME! My kids came to see what was causing the earthquake.

    I am sure my bro in law also has issues with the authenticity of a replica of an imaginary sword. We gave him LOTR Trivial Pursuit for Christmas one year, and he loves LOTR Risk. I think you two would get along very well.

  6. I do have a tabletop wargame based on the movies, but no other game tie-in, such as Risk or Trivial Pursuit. The game I have is not from Game Designer workshop (the same folks who do the Warhammer tabletop game). It uses plastic figures instead of metal ones, and the figures are all prepainted, which I find to be a HUGE bonus! Bowyer and I have played a few sessions of it and overall find it to be a pretty good game, though we’d definitely involve a few house rules. Unfortunately, the compnay that made the game (whose name I forget at the moment) no longer supports it. I think the only way to get components for it now is to go on E-bay. 😦

    There certainly things about the movies that I didn’t like: cutting Bombadil, cutting the Scouring of the Shire, expanding Arwen at the expense of Gildor and Glorfindel, etc., but overall I do think they’re brilliant films. What I’d like to see somebody do is a TV “megaseries” (my word there – like it?). One hour a week for 52 weeks with as little commercial time as possible. The idea would be to lift the book from page to screen as much as possible scene-for-scene, word-for-word.

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