Posted by: nhfalcon | October 15, 2007

Let’s Have Some More Randomness, Shall We?

* – there’s hope for a Hobbit film yet!

And when it comes out, remember this casting list.

You heard it here first!

* – ah, the miracles of modern medicine…

* – those who know me will be amazed that I didn’t come up with this list first.

* – so I was listening to my favorite morning show on the radio again today on my way to dropping off Little Man at his daycare. They have a guest on every morning to talk about New England sports with named Eric Frede. Today Frede revealed that a week ago this past Saturday, about an hour before he was due to begin broadcasting a college football game, he had a heart attack and had to be taken to the hospital, where the doctors performed an angioplasty on him. According to Frede the procedure involved inserting a catheter into his urethra and finding a major blood passage to his heart from there.

Because the catheter had to be inserted into that point on his body, the doctors had to shave his genitals.

Said Frede, “There are guys who do this for fun?!”

* – as I was listening to NFL football on the radio this past Sunday, I heard a commercial from an orginzation called All-Pro Dads. The spokesperson for this commercial was Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Tony Dungy. I was blown away that Dungy would do this.


On December 22, 2005 (think about that date while you read the rest of this – just three days before Christmas. Jesus! Now that I think about it, that was Little Man’s first birthday!), Dungy’s son James committed suicide. Yes, Dungy has four other children (two daughters and two other sons). And, yes, he has always been known as a man of extremely high character. And I have no doubt that he thinks of his lost son every day. But to be a spokesperson for an organization that calls out for every dad to try to be a better dad every day just amazes me. You know that doing so means willingly, consciously bringing up that memory, opening up that wound every single time.

There are those who would probably say that he’s a hypocrite, that his son probably committed suicide because he failed as a father.

To those people I would unleash a stream of criticism that wouldn’t be repeatable to polite company.

I think that in doing this thing Dungy is worthy of even more admiration. In this day and age of apparently ever-deteriorating parental skill and care for a man endure such personal pain to urge others to do the best they can for their children just astounds me and makes me respect him even more.

* – while we’re talking about parenting, I saw on a morning news show yesterday that Bill Cosby is releasing a new book called Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors. I’ve always been impressed by Cosby’s candor and his refusal to get sucked in by what I consider to be a form of political correctness. He refuses to accept that many of today’s children are what they seem to be because of the media, television, music, movies or video games. He blames what has happened to those children on poor parenting, and I would agree with him. He refuses to accept that African Americans in this country should just blame “The Man” for everything that goes wrong in their lives and cry “racism” every time they stub their toe. He calls out for them to claim responsibility for their own lives, look in the mirror, and pick themselves up by their bootstraps, and I agree with him. 




    Did you see Knocked Up yet? We watched it last night, and the website that one of the main characters was setting up with his buddies reminded me of you.

    I agree with your assessment of Tony Dungee’s character, but disagree with the implication that he failed as a father. Of course, I’m not saying that I think you think that – I understand that you’re saying that OTHERS would probably label him as a failure based on his son’s actions – but I know very well that really great parents raise suicidal kids. Only God/dess knows what goes wrong in a person to make them consider taking his or her own life, and the fact that Dungee’s putting himself out there for this cause is both brave and admirable, especially since, like you point out, he’s setting himself up as a target for the ignorant.

    Did you ever read Cosby’s speech to the NAACP? Oh, my dear lord! I only hope the man was drunk at the time, because it was an ABYSMAL speech. I understand that the man’s angry. I understand his passion and, for the most part, I agree with his stand. If he’s going to come off as more than a ranting lunatic, though, he’s gotta get a speechwriter. (

  2. I haven’t seen that movie yet. To be honest, I had no intention to. Should I assume the website in question had something to do with the list I mentioned above?

    Oh, you never did explain just what you found so frickin’ funny about two posts back…

  3. I just read that Cosby speech.

    He does ramble a bit, doesn’t he?

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