Posted by: nhfalcon | September 16, 2007

Love and Sex

First the love… 

So I’m listening to my favorite radio morning show the other day, and one of the DJ’s mentions overhearing two older guys at his gym talking about falling in love. According to these two gentlemen, the average human being falls in love 5 to 7 times in his or her life, and is capable of naming all of those loves in 30 seconds or less.


I’m below average in this department, then, because I can only come up with four: Kris, Diane, Jillyenne, and Cookiemaker, and seeing as Cookiemaker is Number Four (only chronologically speaking, of course), I don’t think I’m going to be falling in love with anybody else between now and the day I die.

How many loves can you come up with, and can you name them all in less than thirty seconds?

And now the sex…

When my laptop boots up it automatically logs into AOL Instant Messenger, which brings up the AOL homepage on Internet Explorer. The AOL homepage has a little slideshow going on in the upper right corner at all times which rotates through four random, trivial items that you can click on to get more info on the topic if you feel so inclined.

A couple of days ago one of the four random, trivial topics was the 25 Best Movie Sex Scenes of All Time. Not all of the scenes included in this list were chosen for their “heat.” Some were chosen for being groundbreaking (Brokeback Mountain), some for being funny (American Pie), and some for being both (Team America). One (The Big Easy) was chosen for portraying the awkwardness of real-life sex.

How’s that for a change of pace? Hollywood portraying how real people have sex! What a concept! No airbrushed, digitally enhanced Tom Cruises and Kelly McGillis’ moving in slow motion, perfectly backlit, with “Take My Breath Away” from Berlin playing in the background (a scene which surprisingly, imho, didn’t make this list)? No way!

Think about it – when was the last time you saw a silver screen sex scene (there’s my alliteration for the day 🙂 ) where the guy leaned on the woman’s hair? Or she used her teeth when she wasn’t supposed to? Or he farted? Or she queefed?

Real-life sex kinda makes you wonder why we’re all so wound up about getting some when you consider it in that light, doesn’t it? 🙂


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