Posted by: nhfalcon | September 11, 2007

As Long As I’m Dreaming…

how about this for a cast for a live-action Hobbit film:

Bilbo Baggins – Colin Firth (assuming Ian Holm doesn’t reprise his role)

Gandalf the Grey – Ian McKellen

Thorin Oakenshield – Brian Cox

Balin – Pete Postlethwaite

Dwalin – Alun Armstrong

Bifur – Brendan Gleeson

Bofur – Bob Hoskins

Bombur – Michael McShane

Dori – Clive Russell

Nori – Kevin McNally

Ori – Rade Sebedzija

Oin – Stuart Wilson

Gloin – Brian Blessed

Kili – Ray Winstone

Fili – Tcheky Karyo

Elrond Halfelven – Hugo Weaving

The Goblin King – Lawrence Makoare

Gollum – Andy Serkis

Beorn – Nick Brimble

The Elvenking – Jason Isaacs

Bard the Bowman – Nathaniel Parker

Mayor of Laketown – Ian McNeice

Smaug – voiced by Patrick Stewart

trolls, giants, wargs, eagles, spiders, and Smaug would be visualized via CGI. There would have to be some voiceovers done for the trolls, eagles, and spiders.

Gotcha looking names up on now, don’t I?

(and you thought with that title this post was gonna be about sex, didn’t you? 🙂 )



  1. If Bob Hoskins gets to be a dwarf, can Joe Pesci be one, too?

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