Posted by: nhfalcon | August 12, 2007

Hey, My Middle Name is Random

What can I say? Kill me.

This is a fairly short one, though…

* It’s amazing how much gas prices can change within a fairly short distance. Around where I live I’ve seen gas as low as $2.47 a gallon. Head out to the mall where I work, perhaps ten miles as the crow flies (though quite a bit more on the odometer because of the bays you have to drive around to get from here to there) and it goes up to $2.69. Hop over the border to my friend Fishbait’s new store (probably thirty miles or so in a straight line, I’m guessing) and it’s $2.85. Weird.

* Here’s a couple of cute sayings I’ve seen on some of the kids clothes at the store I work at:

“Daddy thinks he’s in charge.”

“I did it all for the cookie.” (as opposed to the rock song from a couple of years ago “I Did it All for the Nookie”)

* Here’s a great saying on a t-shirt I saw one of my customers from the jewelry store wear:

“I’ll stop being mean when you start being smart.”

Oh, I have to get that one when I start teaching. 🙂

* Finally, I went grocery shopping this morning with Cookiemaker and Little Man. As we turned the corner around an endcap, I saw a display of bags of potato chips. Normally that’s no big deal, as you might expect, but check out these flavor offerings:

Salt and Pepper

Ketchup (yes, that’s how it was spelled on the bag)

Steak and Worcestershire Sauce

Baby Back Rib

Ragin’ Ranch

and last but not least…

Monterrey Jack and Green Chile

OK, first, I want to know who the marketing rep was who came up with these flavors. Second, I want to know who the executive was who said, “Yeah, what the hell, run with the Monterrey Jack and Green Chile. In fact, fuck it, run with all of ’em!”



  1. LOVE the randomness!

    First of all – how do YOU spell ‘ketchup’?

    Second, my tee, gifted to me by Blue, reads “we’ve had enough of youth; how about a fountain of SMART?” Sadly, I can’t wear it to work…

  2. I gotta admit, of all the things I’m adventurous about, it ain’t the taste of potato chips. For the most part, I don’t eat this crappy “food” any more, but, on occasion . . .

    Here’s a further admission, I like the chips stacked in tubes. Okay, they are crappier than crap, not real slices of potatoes (or is it “potatos?” Hmmm, I’ll consult a Republican politician about this). Yesterday, the “eat some crap” instinct got the better of me while in the groceteria, and I was looking for some Pringles (The Lays in tubes are just as good, in my book. Their was a proliferation of “flavors.” There were no plain ones! No “Original.” I took my jones to the competing market across the road, and found one lonely tube of Pringles Original flavor.

  3. I always thought the proper spelling for the crimson condiment was “catsup.”

    I envision wearing the “mean / smart” shirt under my “proper” shirt and then only revealing it when necessary. 🙂

    Oh, btw, Spencer Gifts, of all people, is now carrying some onesies for infants. Onesies with sayings like “Bring me my bottle, bitch!”

    I think they’re funny, but I don’t think I’d ever really dress up a child of mine in one.

  4. When we were in England two autumns ago, we found prawn flavored chips. Being mostly a fan of “regular flavored” potato chips, I left them on the shelf.

    And on the spelling discussion, I was interested to learn that there is no singular proper form of “ketchup”. It is a word of foreign origin (Chinese, most likely), and there are, apparently, three equally acceptable variants (“catchup” is also used). I spell it with a “k”, myself.

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