Posted by: nhfalcon | July 19, 2007

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

First, a movie quote:

“I’ve been in prison for three years. My dick gets hard if the wind blows.”

Any guesses?

Next, a parenting anecdote:

So Little Man and I are having dinner last night, waiting for Cookiemaker to get home from visiting a friend. He’s in his high-chair. I’m sitting at the dining room table reading a book. There’s a few minutes of silence as we eat our respective meals, and then out of nowhere Little Man (who’s two-and-a-half, btw) says, “So – do you like the Great Valley?”*

WTF?! All of a sudden I felt like I was a guest on Inside the Actor’s Studio and Little Man was James Lipton!

* – the Great Valley comes from the animated kids’ movie The Land Before Time. Not a bad flick. Not Disney or Pixar, but not bad. I have to ask, though – what is with the makers of kids’ films and their fascination with killing off parents?! See The Land Before Time, Bambi, The Lion King, and Tarzan (just for starters) to see what I mean.

I did a post the other day about how the music I used to ROCK to is now elevator fodder. Listening to my favorite morning show on the way to drop Little Man off at daycare today further reinforced my feeling old. They were having a contest where callers had to listen to a line from a song and then sing the next two or three lines on their own to win concert tickets. They had different categories of music to choose from. One person chose classic rock, so the DJ started playing Pour Some Sugar On Me from Def Leppard. Kill me!

I love when I stumble across random little bits of luck in life. When I first found out about the movie 300 (which comes out on DVD in 12 days, btw) I went to the official website and checked out the trailer. Not only did I find the movie visually stunning, but the music playing in the background was awesome! When the movie’s soundtrack came out on CD, I snapped it up toot sweet. Unfortunately, the music in the trailer wasn’t on the soundtrack.

The other day I happened to be reading about 300 on wikipedia (yes, I know it’s a notoriously unrealiable source of information) and found out that the song in the trailer wasn’t an original composition on the part of the movie’s personnel. It’s a song called Just Like You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails. Download it and give it a listen. I could do without the cascading bits of slightly atonal piano that happen once or twice during the song, but other than that…

It’s not winning the lottery, but little things like that bring a smile to my face.



  1. I think 300 is going to be a letdown on DVD. It was awesome on the IMAX but I don’t know that it’s going to translate to the small screen.

  2. I still haven’t seen it; I suspect we’ll rent it, though.

  3. I saw it on the big screen, Kizz, but not on IMAX. As I just mentioned in a reply to my post about themes, the movie actually disappointed me a bit, based on the expectations I had for it after watching the trailer.

    I did like the movie, just not as much as I hoped I would.

    I’ll likely pick up the two-disc Special edition DVD when it comes out, mostly because that edition will also have two History Channel specials about how the battle REALLY happened. Bowyer’s seen them, and he said they were really good.

    The movie quote, btw, is from “48 Hours.”

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